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The Level 1 Certificate in Advanced Water Treatment will prepare students for employment in the water treatment industry. Upon certificate completion, students will obtain the technical and scientific knowledge to obtain licensure in this field of study. Students will monitor, troubleshoot, and chemically clean equipment that is essential for the treatment of water/wastewater.

Semester I

EPCT 1027 - Basic Water Works Operation

Study of conventional water treatment plants including administration and management. Emphasis on the operation of motors, pumps, and disinfection in small water plants. Introduction to the various sources and problems associated with raw water. Topics discussed include pretreatment, purification, process control procedures, chlorination systems, water softening, treatment plant safety procedures, and distribution. Students will see actual water plant operations and learn about water purification at a local level.

EPCT 1028 - Basic Wastewater Operations

Introduction to the information and operational skills needed for wastewater treatment plants. This course covers basic hand tools, equipment, chemical injections, safety and troubleshooting of water treatment systems. Students will also gain an understanding of piping and instrumentation diagrams. Hands-on experience with pumps, valves, gauges and meters is provided.

EPCT 2015 - Water Laboratory

Basic techniques for sampling and chemical and microbiological analysis of water as required by governmental regulatory agencies. Students will calibrate lab equipment, design and execute appropriate sampling procedures for water analysis, understand theory and technical data related to quality control, and perform and interpret basic chemical and microbiological tests on water.

Semester II

EPCT 2003 - Surface and Groundwater Collection

Prerequisites: EPCT 1027 , EPCT 1028

In-depth study of operations and maintenance procedures for surface and groundwater collection. This course also examines the technologies required to produce safe drinking water and pretreated water for advanced technology and manufacturing from surface and groundwater sources. Course content includes media filtration, clarification, cartridge filtration, bag filtration, membrane filtration, silt dispersants, biocides, acids, scales inhibitors, sulfite compounds, ultraviolet irradiation and softening.

EPCT 2012 - Water Rules and Regulations

Discussion of local, state, and federal rules and regulations relevant to water. Students will learn how to complete regulatory reports, author and apply SOPs to local, state, and federal rules and regulations.

EPCT 2014 - Wastewater Laboratory

Prerequisites: EPCT 1027 , EPCT 1028 , EPCT 2015

Basic techniques for sampling and chemical and microbiological analysis of wastewater as required by governmental regulatory agencies. This course also provides an overview of the theory, processes and equipment used in common membrane water treatment systems. Content includes micro-filtration, ultra-filtration, electro-dialysis, electrode-ionization, nano-filtration and reverse osmosis membrane technologies. Students will also examine system design considerations and membrane integration into water treatment systems.

Semester III

EPCT 1051 - Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Prerequisites: EPCT 2014

Quality assurance/quality control procedures used to confirm viability and confidence of sample results or procedures. Emphasis on documentation, blank and check sample (spike) preparation, and control tables. Quality assurance requirements in regulatory reports.

EPCT 1043 - Treatment, Remediation, and Disposal Techniques

Prerequisites: EPCT 2014 , EPCT 2015

A study of the skills required in treatment, remediation, and disposal processes of solid waste, hazardous materials, and hazardous waste. Emphasizes the technologies applicable in the field. Students will also learn the operation, monitoring, and troubleshooting of membrane pretreatment equipment including multimedia filters and activated carbon beds. Course topics also include prevention of scaling, fouling, and chemical attack problems in membrane units. This course also addresses advanced troubleshooting procedures and techniques required for identifying and correcting common membrane unit problems, including probing, profiling, element replacements, element autopsies and chemical cleaning.

EPCT 1047 - Waste Minimization and Pollution Prevention

Prerequisites: EPCT 2014 , EPCT 2015

Exploration of the options available for source reduction, waste minimization, and pollution prevention including regulatory standards applicable to these activities. Emphasis will be placed on chemicals used in water and wastewater treatment plants.

EPCT 2042 - Advanced Water and Wastewater Chemistry

Prerequisites: EPCT 2014 , EPCT 2015

Advanced chemical and microbiological analysis for nonstandard water and wastewater samples. This course will also cover standard laboratory procedures according to local, state and federal guidelines. Students will learn to perform on-stream analysis for the measurement of inorganic and organic compounds, ions, particles and microorganisms.

EPCT 2035 - Advanced Environmental Instrumental Analysis

Prerequisites: Departmental approval

Regulations and standards in the analysis of samples using specific analytical instruments and their procedures. Emphasis on instrument calibration or sample preparation, evaluation, and reporting of analytical results. This course also reviews water plant operations and safe drinking water laws in preparation for state certification exams. Student will use case studies, process flows, practice exams and problem solving workshops to synthesize previous coursework and prepare for work in municipal and industrial sectors. CAPSTONE COURSE.


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