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Marketable Skills Achievement Award, Digital Video CE 

The Marketable Skills Achievement Award is a sequence of courses that allows students to obtain high in-demand skills or improve their current skills.

The Marketable Skills Achievement Award program in Digital Video enables participants to acquire the knowledge and skills needed in the fast growing, digital video production field. In addition, participants will have materials they can use in their portfolios. Portfolios are necessary for those seeking employment in Digital Video. Emphasis will be on planning, storyboarding, shooting, editing, motion graphics production, location sound, and basic lighting. Cross-platform exporting/importing techniques will also be addressed.

Marketable Skills Achievement Awards are embedded into A.A.S and/or Certificate program plans.  Upon completion of the series of courses, contact your Workforce faculty Program Coordinator to ensure that your award is included on your transcript and receive advising regarding the benefits of continued training to pursue the Certificate or A.A.S.



ARTV 1051 - Digital Video
Producing and editing video and sound for multimedia or web productions. Emphasizes capture, editing, and outputting of video using a desktop digital video workstation.



ARTV 2041 - Advanced Digital Video Prerequisites: ARTV 1051
Advanced digital video techniques for post-production. Emphasizes integration of special effects, 2-D animation and 3-D animation for film, video, CD-ROM, and the Internet. Exploration of new and emerging compression and video streaming technologies.

Choose 1 from the following list: 

ARTV 1043 - Digital Sound
Digitizing sound and incorporating it into multimedia or web titles for various delivery systems. Emphasizes compression issues, sampling, synchronizing, and resource management.

ARTV 1045 - 3-D Modeling and Rendering I
Techniques of three-dimensional (3-D) modeling utilizing industry standard software. Includes the creation and modification of 3-D geometric shapes, use of a variety of rendering techniques, camera, light sources, texture, and surface mapping.

FLMC 2044 - Advanced Film and Video Editing
Prerequisites: ARTV 2041

Exploration of the creative possibilities of non-linear film and video editing. Includes editing aesthetics, titles, graphic design, compositing, and special effects.

CE Contact Persons

Anthony Andrade
CE Program Manager
Phone: 210.486.4442

Yvonne Haynes
CE Program Manager
Phone: 210.486.4407

Angelica Esparza
CE Administrative Services Specialist
Phone: 210.486.4406

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