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 Northwest Vista College Library
1st Floor, Redbud Learning Center (RLC)
3535 N. Ellison Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78251
(210) 486-4513
Mon - Thu: 7:30am - 8:30pm
Fri: 7:30am - 4 pm
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What happens if I am placed on a 3rd or Permanent Academic Dismissal from the Alamo Colleges?

Students with three or more Academic Dismissals are not eligible to petition or enroll for a minimum one full Academic Year (Fall, Spring, Summer).  After sitting out the required length of time, students must submit a typed petition to the Academic Standards Appeals committee a week prior to the posted deadline by email at   (see deadlines to the right). The committee must receive the dismissal packet by email 7 business days prior to the deadline to be able to review and schedule an appointment with students who's petitions are approved prior to the submission deadline. Late petitions packets are not accepted, and students on 3rd/ permanent dismissal do not have the option to submit their packet in person or on a walk-in basis. Information regarding the Alamo Colleges Academic Standing policy can be found online at

Am I eligible to submit a 3rd / Permanent Academic Dismissal petition?


- MUST have sat out one full academic year from last Academic Dismissal. One full year is a Fall, Spring and Summer Semester.(Example: Last attended Spring, Summer or Fall 2014, eligible to petition for Spring 2016 semester.)

- Only eligible to petition for a regular 16 week semester (Fall or Spring). Northwest Vista College does not accept petitions for Summer, Flex II or Start II semesters. 

- Must have an active application to the Alamo Colleges for the semester you are submitting a petition. If you have not attended an Alamo College in the last 12 months, you will need to submit a new application and complete all admissions requirements prior to submitting a petition. Please see for application and admissions steps.

- Must Submit a petition to the Alamo College they last attended. Students are only eligible to petition to another Alamo College if they have sat out a minimum three (3) years or more.  

- Must not have any holds on your record other than the Academic Dismissal hold. All other holds must be cleared/ waived prior to submitting your petition. 

o PLEASE NOTE: If you are under the age of 22, state law now requires you to provide proof of Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination. For more information visit : . This must be turned in  prior to submitting your petition.

How do I submit a 3rd / Permanent Academic Dismissal petition?

1. Ensure you meet ALL eligibility requirements listed above. 

2. Complete the petition packet in full.  Click here to obtain the packet. Read the instructions fully to ensure that you complete each form as indicated. 

   3. You will need to download, complete and submit this form by email to  Please make sure to save a copy of the document prior to submitting it. 

  •   If you are citing extenuating circumstances as to why you are on Academic Dismissal, include any relevant documentation with your packet. 
  •   Read the Reflection Statement Requirements very carefully. There are three areas that you need to address in your essay. Please take time to reflect on what events, actions and decisions resulted in your current academic standing. Remember to discuss all issues and semesters that you were having trouble in. 
  •   Please make sure to address what changes you have made, and detail your plan to be academically successful.
  •   Your essay MUST be typed, handwritten essays will not be considered. See the Reflection Statement example as to the format of the essay. The Reflection Statement is very important in determining if your petition will be approved or denied.

  4. Read AND understand all requirements on the Contract for Students on Academic Dismissal. If approved, you will be accountable for each item. Failure to meet ALL petition requirements will result in you being dropped from all courses for the semester, and having to sit out for one full academic year.

  5. Submit the petition from you student (ACES) email account only. Petitions submitted from your personal email account will not be reviewed. Email the completed document  to the academic advising office at Petitions cannot be submitted in person.   Appointments to continue the petition process are made only if a petition is approved.  Petition appointments must be met by the petition deadline, late petitions will not be accepted. Petition appointments will not be scheduled past the petition deadline.  Petition deadlines are set by the Alamo Colleges and are not able to be extended regardless of the circumstances. 



How and when will I know the decision on my petition?

Decisions are normally made within 2-3 weeks of submission. All decisions will be sent only to the student's ACES email. It is important to check this email on a regular basis to ensure you receive all communications from Alamo Colleges.

 If Approved 

You will be notified of this decision via ACES email only. 

-The email will provide you several options for appointment times, and request you to respond with your appointment time of choice. 

-During the appointment (30-45 minutes) you will complete the petition process, as well as go over your degree plan to prepare for registration. 

  If Denied 

You will be notified of the decision and reason via ACES email only.

 If my petition is approved, what will be my next steps?

 If your petition is approved, you will schedule an appointment to meet with the Academic Standards Team Leader. In the appointment session, you will discuss the following:

  -Responsibilities of you as the student while enrolled

  -Requirements that must be met to continue enrollment each semester

  -Be assigned an academic advisor

  -Discuss opportunities for success


What are my responsibilities as a student on a 3rd / Permanent Academic Dismissal from the Alamo Colleges?

Students who are approved for re-admission must adhere to the following as outlined on their Contract for Students on Academic Dismissal:

  • Actively attend and participate in ALL enrolled classes, including the SDEV0171 course (if applicable)

  • Complete the SDEV0171 course with a “C” or better (if applicable)


  • Complete and submit the Mid-term Accountability Plans (progress reports) to the Academic Standards team at by the indicated deadline (link to forms page)

  • Visit with their assigned academic advisor at least once during the semester, preferably prior to the start of registration for the next semester

  • Earn a semester GPA of 2.0 or higher

  • Continually earn a semester GPA of 2.0 or above until Good Standing (cumulative GPA of 2.0) is reached in order to remain enrolled.


In addition to the policies above, students previously enrolled in a semester prior to petitioning will be required to reduce their course loads to the maximum 6-8 credit hours.


What if I do not meet all the requirements of the petition?

Students who do not meet ALL requirements will be required to sit out a full academic year. There is no option to petition the sit-out requirement once a student is placed on 3rd/ Permanent Academic Dismissal. Once the required sit out period is over, you will be eligible to submit a new petition.


When will I be back in Good Academic Standing?

Students are placed back in Good Academic Standing when both their overall and semester GPA’s are a 2.0 or higher. Once a student is back in Good Academic Standing their registration hold will be expired and their enrollment hours will be restored to full time.  



Advising Hours

NVC Student Success

Hours of Operation

Spring 2016

Walk-In Services are available: 

Mondays 8am-5pm

Thursdays  8am-7pm 

As well as the following Saturdays:

February 6th  9am-1pm

March 5th 9am-1pm

April 2nd 9am- 1pm

May 7th 9am-1pm 

The Sign-in line will close when the Advising Services have met the maximum capacity to serve (advising sessions are full for the day). Seeing your assigned advisor during walk-ins is not guaranteed due to scheduling. To meet with your assigned advisor, please schedule an appointment.

Appointments are available Monday - Thursday and select Friday afternoons when scheduled in advance with your assigned advisor. Appointments are not available the same day, they must be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance. You may schedule an appointment by utilizing the link sent to you by your advisor via your ACES email. 

The Advising Services office may be reached by phone at (210) 486-4100. Please be able to provide your full name, and banner ID when requesting specific information. There may be longer waiting times during peak times such as registration. 

Dates for Submitting Academic Dismissal Petitions

Northwest Vista College is no longer accepting petitions for the spring 2016 semester. The deadline to submit a petition for dismissal was Friday, January 8th, 2016. The deadline to submit a petition for 3rd/ Permanent Dismissal by email was December 14th, 2015. Please check back beginning March 1st for more information as to when we will begin accepting petitions for the fall 2016 semester. As a reminder, students are required to schedule an appointment with their assigned advisor to submit their petition. If a student does not have an assigned advisor, they may schedule an appointment with the Academic Standards team by email at  Please understand that once all appointment times and course slots have filled, petitions will not be accepted regardless of the deadline date. Petitions must be completed entirely, or you will be required to reschedule your appointment. Students who miss their scheduled appointment will have one additional option to schedule their appointment as appointments are available. A 2nd missed appointment will result in an automatic denial of your petition. 



Contact Information

Academic Standards Team:

(210) 486-4460