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 Northwest Vista College Library
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3535 N. Ellison Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78251
Mon - Thur: 7:30am to 6:00pm

Winning Essays 2013 > Kimberly

Winning Essay: Kimberly A. Redgate

Why a Degree? To Accomplish More. 

KimberlyI want a degree from Northwest Vista College because an NVC Degree = Accomplishment!  I view an accomplishment as achieving a goal by putting my all into the endeavor and seeing it through to the end.  An accomplishment is proving to myself as well as knowing in my heart and mind that I have succeeded in doing my best.  As such, a degree from NVC would be the very definition of an accomplishment.  I know that when I walk across the stage at Graduation Ceremony this May, I have proved to myself that I do have what it takes to be a success in both college and life.  I know that receiving an Associate of Arts in General Studies means that I have achieved a worthwhile goal that I can feel in my heart and mind as well as in the palm of my hand.

A degree from NVC also means, of course, that I reached an educational milestone, have the opportunity to earn more, and will feel confident in myself as a student, person, and employee; however, the journey to earning this degree has resulted in a significant sense of accomplishment for me.  I remember first stepping on campus to visit when I was sixteen and just knowing that this was the college to attend when I graduated high school.  I couldn’t wait to graduate, but along the way came a particular obstacle that has shaped me as a person – I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a debilitating neurological condition that severely affects my overall well-being, most notably my vision. At seventeen-years-old, my reading rate and comprehension plummeted from what it had been for all of my life, making reading more of a chore rather than my passion. I became so afraid for how I was going to do well in college, where I knew that reading was a must in order to succeed.  Well, I graduated high school on time and thrived in college.  Admittedly, reading is still difficult, but I have learned how to manage my time, priorities, and goals to where MS does not keep me behind.  In fact, being diagnosed with MS has helped me to blossom.  I discovered that I wanted to be a writer, and I have had a deeply personal poem about its effects on my life published by the NVC literary journal, The Lantana!  This first-ever publication was one of the most hallmark moments of my life, where I knew that I was on the right path in my life and that I was blessed to have MS indeed!

So why should I earn a degree from NVC?  I want to earn a degree from NVC for the sense of accomplishment it will provide.  With a degree from NVC, I know that I have accomplished my goal since I first stepped on campus towards earning an Associates Degree.  I know that I have accomplished discovering my purpose and passion – writing to help promote understanding of personal topics across the world.