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Student Stories 2011 > Adriana Chagoya

Student Story: Adriana

Photo Large AdrianaAdriana Chagoya has spent most of her educational years in private schools. But instead of going to a private university after she graduated from St. Anthony's High School in 2009, Adriana, 18, chose Northwest Vista College. She says attending a community college has been an eye-opening experience.

"I would hear all the time that at college you hardly get to interact with your instructors, but that isn't the case at NVC. I was surprised to see so much one-on-one attention given to students and the amount of time instructors spend with students. The labs and tutoring have also been helpful."

What lured Adriana to NVC was the dance program that she heard about from one of her dance coaches who also taught at NVC. Adriana decided to register even though many of her friends were going elsewhere. Adriana has been dancing since she was 5-years old and has had the opportunity to be in a lot of dance competitions.

Although dance is still her passion, Adriana  is looking at a few different career paths that include news reporting and elementary education. Right now, Adriana's pursing an associate degree in the arts and hopes one day to transfer to Texas State University or the University of Texas at San Antonio.