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Student Stories 2011 > Michelle Hiller

Student Story: Michelle

Photo Large MichelleMichelle Hiller, 20, knew right away that Northwest Vista College was the place for her when she was making a college decision almost two years ago.

Since she’s paying for her college education, Michelle said it made sense to start out the affordable route and then transfer to a four-year university.

“I see my friends who are so much in debt. Going to a community college, I won’t be that bad off when I graduate,” said Michelle, who gets help from her parents to buy books.

This semester, she’s taking five classes as a business major and hopes to transfer to the University of Texas at San Antonio by next semester. Michelle added her parents are also encouraging her to go to Texas A&M University in San Antonio since her two older brothers also attended Texas A&M in College Station. 

Michelle maintains a busy life outside of school. Last semester, she worked three jobs and this semester is down to just two jobs. Michelle works at a local retail shop and is a consultant for a candle company. She says life can be overwhelming sometimes, but she’s focused on passing all her classes. She knows re-taking a class just means she will have to pay double for it and is determined not to be in too much debt after she earns her degree.