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About Outdoor Pursuits (OP)

OP offers a collection of diverse, creative, outdoor experiential education adventures.  We will strive to get students outside, interact, disconnect, belong, release stress, and to explore the beautiful South Texas areas, from San Antonio’s small parks to the surrounding Hill Country. OP will provide outdoor and social experiences emphasizing environmental awareness, outdoor education, challenge, personal development, managed risk, a sense of community, and fun!

Every adventure is unique, but you can always expect that an OP trip will:

  • Provide an opportunity to develop new skills
  • Enhance appreciation of the wilderness
  • Teach how to adapt to new and challenging situations
  • Provide a change from "the everyday" routine
  • Create opportunities to build relationships

Some OP events will require you to leave a deposit in order to hold your spot.  Deposits will be returned to those who attend the event.  We can accept cash (please bring correct change) or check only.  

Please contact Kelly Blanco for information about this program.

Upcoming Activities


Windsurfing - Saturday, Sept 26th - Cancelled due to Red Tide

Windsurfing-Corpus Christi 

Windsurfing is a water sport that combines elements of surfing and sailing. You use your body as a conduit for the natural force of the wind which propels the board. Unlike most other forms of sailing, windsurfing is most personal interaction with the water. A windsurfer is flooded with sensations the moment they step onto the board; the sound of the wind whirling into the sail and the churn of water splashing by, the feeling of chop a few inches below your feet, the spray of wave-mist against your skin, and the invisible tug of the wind against you.  


We will depart campus at 7:00am and return around 8pm.  Transportation is provided. 

Skill level 

  Available for all skills levels, must be able to swim. 

What to bring

Swim attire, towel, change of clothes, water shoes (optional), sunscreen, snacks, and water bottle.



To sign up

You must be a current NVC student to participate.  Sign-up will begin Aug 24th.  Please bring your payment to the Student Life office in HH-109.  Office hours M-F 8am-5pm. 


Kelly Blanco  


Rock Climbing - Friday, Oct 16th

Climb with us at Enchanted Rock Park!

Classes are designed for those seeking high adventure! We’ll show you how to rock climb the summit with less risk and teach you skills that enable you to meet all future challenges with confidence. Rock Climbing tours build trust between individuals to become cohesive teams as they learn to belay each other and cheer each other on to high success.

No experience necessary! Rock-About’s system of guiding and coaching aids new and seasoned climbers toward complete success on the rock and future outdoor adventures.

Transportation and all equipment are provided.

Skill level
Beginner - Experienced

Depart campus at 6am, arrive back around 7pm

Suggestions on what to bring:
Day pack, minimum 2 liters of water, sack lunch and snacks, sun protection, hiking boots or athletic shoes, camera, and dress in layers.



To sign up

You must be a current NVC student to participate. Sign-up will begin Sept 14th. Please bring your payment to the Student Life office in HH 109. Office hours M-F   8am-5pm.  


Kelly Blanco


Caving - Saturday, Nov 7th


Much more than hands on. Get ready to get down and dirty. Experience a thrilling and physically demanding 3 to 4 hour excursion into one of the world's premier caverns. Climb, crawl, rappel, explore – with only the light of your helmet to guide you. This is not for the weak of heart. Once outfitted with caving gear you'll be lowered by rope through a 160-foot well shaft. Travel approximately one mile, going down to 230 feet below surface level to the Fault Room which features one of the longest soda straw formations in North America – 14 feet in length. It's no wonder that these Caverns have become one of the most popular attractions in Texas. Caving gear is provided.


We will depart campus 7:00 am and return around 3:00 pm

Skill Level

The physical difficulty of this trip is moderate to hard, so students should be physically fit. There is a weight restriction of 250 lbs.

What to bring

Students should wear jeans and a t-shirt or long-sleeve shirt that may become stained or ruined. Hiking boots that provide good traction and ankle support are required. Students  should also bring a towel, a clean change of clothing and shoes. Shower and locker facilities are provided.



To sign up

You must be a current NVC student to participate. Sign-up will begin Sept 29th. Please bring your payment to the Student Life office in HH 109. Office hours M-F,  8am-5pm   


Bianca Ramirez



Spring Break Trip - Big Bend National Park



Do YOU want to do something for Spring Break?  Something a little on the wild side?  Something that brings you back to basics - no cell phones, iPads, traffic or lots of people?   Something that sort of tests you?


If you said yes to all of these then join NVC for



3 days – 2 nights floating down the Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park


For a hiking and camping experience like no other!  Check out the park here  but please address all questions to the NVC staff member listed below.




$500 per person ($50 due at registration. Remaining balance can be broken into payments. Registration begins on Oct 1, deadline to sign up is Dec 11th, 2015. 


Transportation, gear, and  partial meals are included!


Time of departure and return  




Skill level 


  Intermediate (Level 2).  Paddling on the river and  hiking on unpaved trails, steep in sections, with increased trip hazards. Good physical fitness and regular exercise advised.


Other Requirements

  • You must be a currently enrolled NVC student in good standing
  • You must attend a Trip Orientation. Date and location TBA

To sign up and for more information, contact


Kelly Blanco




Kayaking - Saturday, Sept 26th

and be physically

Kayak down the sparsely inhabited stretch of the Guadalupe River.  This reach of the Guadalupe River is lined with an abundance of mature trees and a spectacular mix of limestone cliffs and shelves.  The water levels are fairly low which makes for a great beginner paddle!

Skill level
Beginner – Experienced, however, you must know how to swim and be physically fit!

Depart campus at 8am, arrive back around 5pm. Transportation is provided.

Suggestions on what to bring:
Day pack(something you don't mind getting wet!), minimum 2 liters of water, lunch and /or snacks, sun protection, water shoes or shoes you don’t mind getting wet (must be wearing shoes!), and a change of clothes.  A life jacket will be provided or you can bring your own.


Kelly Blanco  



Stand Up Paddleboarding- September 25th

Imagine an enlarged surf board that's big enough to stay completely out of the water. Now put a paddle in your hands, and you've got Stand up Paddling. When you stand up, it’s almost like walking on water. Stand Up Paddleboarding offers great exercise and is quickly popularizing within the fitness world as a unique core workout regimen. Stand up Paddling is the perfect foundation for strength, endurance and good health. Come and join the fun!

We will depart campus at 9am and return around 4pm. Transportation is provided.

Skill Level:
Available for all skills levels, must be able to swim.

What to bring:
Swim attire, towel, and change of clothes, water shoes (optional), sunscreen, snacks, and water bottle.


To sign up:
You must be a current NVC student to participate. Sign-up will begin September 8th. Please bring your payment to the Student Life office in HH 109. Office hours M-F 8am-5pm. 

Bianca Ramirez


Student Life Center

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