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Faculty Advising at Northwest Vista College


Creating opportunities for success through effective advising. 


To provide students with a variety of academic advising services to assist in attaining their educational and career goals. 

What is Faculty Advising?

Faculty advising provides students with the guidance they need to develop and complete their academic goals. Faculty advisors help students with career planning, academic requirements, course selection and degree or certificate completion. Faculty advising is a shared responsibility between the student and the advisor.

Who Should be Advised?

All students should be advised once a year to make sure they are on the right track.

Students who have not yet declared a major, or are Liberal Arts majors, should seek advising through Student Success in Cypress Campus Center (CCC).The Career and Transfer Services center (CaTS), located in room 200 of CCC, can help students who would like assistance choosing a career path.

Students who have declared a major other than Liberal Arts, or have identified a strong area of interest, should seek faculty advising. Students should contact the department that houses their area of interest to be assigned a faculty advisor.

What Can Students Expect from Faculty Advising?

Through faculty advising, students will:

  • Understand and successfully access, navigate and utilize college services.
  • Develop and follow an academic plan that supports their academic goals.
  • Successfully map and manage their progress toward degree completion or transfer.
  • Complete a degree or certificate or successfully transfer.
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