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What is a learning community?

Learning communities consist of two (2) courses that are linked or blocked together. When you enroll in a learning community, you must register for both courses.

The structure of each learning community can vary among courses and instructors. Some learning communities will incorporate a common theme that is woven into the curriculum of both linked courses. Others will simply provide an opportunity to build and establish a support network across campus. In either case, you will be taking classes with the same student cohort and instructors. This makes it easier to develop new friendships with your peers and allows you to form study groups that will help you succeed throughout your college career.

Why should I join a learning community?

The NVC Learning Communities program is designed to offer you a unique college experience that will help you develop dynamic skills needed for college success and graduation.

Students who participate in a learning community will

  • Build new friendships with other students
  • Develop critical thinking and interpersonal skills
  • Participate in study groups with classmates
  • Collaborate on assignments and activities
  • Form positive connections with faculty and peers
  • Have FUN learning!

Who can join a learning community?

NVC understands that college is a new and exciting experience that can also be challenging at times. That is why learning communities are open to all students. You are highly encouraged to enroll in at least one learning community your freshman year to assist you with a successful transition into college life, and to help build a network of support.

How do I register for a learning community?

First, identify the CRNs for both courses in the learning community you would like to join. You will need to know both CRNs in order to register the learning community you want to join. Registration steps 

Do I need special approval to register for a learning community?

No. You can register for both courses in a learning community as long as you have met the prerequisites for each course. Be sure each course meets the educational needs of your degree or transfer plan.

How do I know if a course is part of a learning community?

The course schedule through your ACES account will indicate which courses are part of a learning community. Searching the Course Schedule 

If I want to drop/withdraw from a learning community course, do I have to drop/withdraw from both of the courses?

Yes. You will have to drop/withdraw from both courses. This is one reason why having two courses with the same students is beneficial - because you have added support built in to help you progress in each course!