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Number - Purple 1 (48x120) 

What are the steps to
complete my degree
and/or graduate?


1. Meet with an Advisor (determine your goals)

2. Declare your Major

3. Follow your Degree Plan

4. Apply for Graduation
(after 45 college credit hours are completed)

Meet with an academic advisor to:

  • Process a degree review
  • File the necessary paper work
  • Complete the online graduation application
  • Confirm if you will be attending the commencement ceremony.
Number 2 

Which degree plan do I follow?
Do the requirements for a
degree ever change?


You will stay on the degree plan and catalog year they are following. If they should decide to change your major and/ or catalog year, you must meet with an advisor to process the change and review the new major and/ or catalog year requirements. You have 5 years to complete the degree plan requirements. Once the 5 years have passed, you would meet with an advisor to look at a newer catalog year or ask for a catalog extension.

Number 3 

At what point do I apply
for graduation?


At 45 college level credit hours.

Number 4 

How many college credit hours
does it take to earn a degree
from NVC?


Approximately 60-66 college level credit hours.

Number 5 

Which developmental level
courses count toward
degree completion?


Developmental level courses do not count toward degree completion but are necessary to enroll in college-level classes.

Number 6 

What are the costs associated
with participating in the
graduation ceremony?


There are no costs associated with the graduation ceremony. Cap and gown are free and for you to keep. There is also no application fee. There is only a small parking fee ($3.50 this year).

Number 7 

Do I have to attend the
graduation ceremony to
receive my degree?


No, you do not have to attend the graduation ceremony to receive a degree but you do need to apply for graduation to have your degree review so you can be awarded a degree.





Wednesday May 14, 2014 at 7:00 pm

Joe Freeman Coliseum
3201 East Houston Street
San Antonio, Texas

Degree Completion Checklist

Button 1 : Meet with an Advisor  
Button 2 : Declare your Major  
Button 3 : Follow your Degree Plan  
Button 4 : Apply for Graduation  
Advising is Required To
Apply For Graduation

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