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AAAA Swim Teams

AAAA-PA is divided into three main programs: Senior (Gold), Age Group (Silver), and Developmental (Bronze). Each of the three groups is designed to provide a competitive swimming experience appropriate for the age and skill-level of each athlete.

The Bronze Team is geared towards 6-18 year olds who have not mastered all four strokes. The Silver Team is geared towards 6-14 year olds (roughly 8th grade) who are proficient and legal in all four competitive strokes. Lastly, the Gold Team is designed for the high school aged swimmer (14-18 years of age) who have mastered all four strokes.

Group Placement Criteria:

  • Age and Experience
  • Stroke and Skill Development
  • Level of Commitment
  • Practice Attendance
  • Level of Maturity and Responsibility Demonstrations
  • Time Standards and Meet Performance and/or Test Set Requirements
  • Training ability

Classification of Swim Meet Competition Information

Each member of the AAAA-PA swim team should expect to participate in a variety of swimming competitions throughout the year. These competitions are classified based on qualifying times established by USA Swimming. Below are the classifications:

  • Unclassified: No Time Standard
  • “C” Level: Slower than National “B” Time Standard
  • “B” and Faster: At least a National “B” Time Standard
  • “BB” and Faster: At least a National “BB” Time Standard
  • Championship Meets (STAGS, TAGS, Sectionals, Jr. Nationals, Nationals, Olympics Trials):  All have separate qualifying standards

You can find time standards here.


USA Swimming registration is required for all athletes upon joining the team. There is both a USA Swimming fee, as well as an AAAA-PA club fee associated with registration that must be paid annually. In addition to the yearly registration fees, each member is also responsible for their monthly dues associated with their practice group. These fees are subject to change annually and members will be notified in advance.

The following is a list of monthly dues and practice times:

Bronze Team(Developmental):

  • Monday – Thursday: 5:30-6:30pm
  • $60 per month

Silver Team (Age Group):

  • Monday – Thursday: 5:30-7:30pm; Saturdays TBA due to swim meet schedule
  • $80 per month

Gold Team (Senior):

  • Monday – Thursday: 6-8pm, Saturdays TBA due to swim meet schedule
  • $100 per month

Annual Registration and Club Fee:

  • USA Swimming Registration Fee: $78
  • AAAA-PA Club Fee: $100 (to include one team gear annually)
  • USA and AAAA-PA Registration Bundle: $150

Discounts Available:

  • Outreach Athletes: 50% reduction in practice fees for swimmers who participate in Free/Reduced Priced Lunch Programs (must provide documentation from school)
  • Multiple Children: $10 off each additional child in swim team program

All team participants must pay the full monthly dues by the 1st of each month. There will be a 5 day grace period, by which time a $15 late fee will be included and $5 every day thereafter. Any athlete on a reduced lunch. Payments are encouraged to be made online at

All NEW swimmers are required to provide a copy of their insurance with their registration and team application, along with any supporting documentation for transfers and outreach verification. Failure to properly register your athlete and/or pay monthly dues will result in your child being dismissed from the team.

Competition Fees

In addition to monthly dues, each athlete is responsible for any fees associated with swim meets they attend throughout the year. These entry fees will be due to Palo Alto College on the day of each swim meet. Once entered, each swimmer is responsible for these fees regardless of whether or not he or she attends the meet. If entry fees have not been paid, the swimmer will not be entered into any following meet until the balance is covered. Any balance not paid after 90 days, will result in the swimmer being dismissed from the team.

Team Gear

AAAA is sponsored by Arena USA and each team member is required to be outfitted in our Arena Team Apparel at all swim meets, including Arena Navy Blue swim suit, Arena Navy Blue Backpack, and Yellow AAAA Team Swim Cap. Equipment can be purchased at SwimFreak or our team store at SwimOutlet. The AAAA-PA Club Fee will help provide an assortment of gear for the swim team, to include caps, kickboards, fins, equipment bags, etc. September 2018, club fees will go towards the purchase of personalized Arena Backpacks for all members of the swim team, as well as t-shirts and other necessary equipment.

General Swimming Information

Below is a list of several sources that offer helpful information regarding club and high school swimming for AAAA, South Texas LSC, and across the nation:


South Texas Swimming Athlete Inc.(STSI) Outreach Verification 

 Athlete Registration Application 

 Outreach Athlete Registration Application

PAC Team Expectations

New Swimmer Application

Palo Alto Aquatics Equipment List 

Contact Information

Aquatic and Athletic Center Director:
Shanea Allen 

Program Supervisor:
Edward Moreno 

General Facility Questions:

Aquatic Center/Gymnasium(PE-110)


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Twitter Icon Twitter: @CampusRec_PAC

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