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Petroleum Programs

The Eagle Ford Shale Activity in South Texas is Creating a Need for Oil Industry Jobs!

Palo Alto Colleges offering CE Certificate Programs for Multi-skilled Energy Technicians, where the student will learn to safely maintain and operate equipment used in the industry.

Certificate Programs

Safe Employee Training

Includes Frac 101, Truck Inspection, Tx DOT and Oil Industry Safety

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Includes 10 hr, 30 hr, and refresher courses.

Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) courses

Includes 40 hr and refresher courses.


Includes Basic (8 hr) and Core (24 hr) courses.

Oil & Gas Technician

This Statewide accepted Process and Production Technology programs of study meets the industry’s needs to increase the availability of process technicians in the oil and gas industry that is expanding in south Texas. This entry-level certificate allows students to gain employment while continuing through the program. 272 Total Contact Hours. $ 4,140.00 Total Cost. Textbook(s) required.

Required Courses

PTAC 1002 - Introduction to Process Technology - 48 hours

CETT 1002 - Electricity Principles - 64 hours

OSHT 1001 - Occupational Safety and Health - 64 hours

ENER 1030 - Basic Mechanical Skills for Energy - 64 hours

INCR 1002 - Physics of Instrumentation - 96 hours

Related Degrees and Certificates

Entry Level Energy Technician Level 1 Certificate (Academic)

Oil and Gas Process Technology Specialization, A.A.S.

Oil and Gas Production Technician Specialization, A.A.S.

Energy Technician Career Foundations Core Certificate

Oil and Gas Colisted Courses CE Spring 2015
CRN Courses Title Day Time Dates Hours Price
20289 OSHT 1001 Occupational Safety and Health MTWR 8–11:20am Jan 20–Feb 12 64 $563
20291 CETT 1002 Electricity Principles MTWR 8–11:20am Feb 16–Mar 19 64 $483
30183 INCR 1002 Physics of Instrumentation MTWR 8–11:20am Mar 23–Apr 16 64 $483
  ENER 1030 Basic Mechanical Skills for Energy         $483
  PTAC 1002 Introduction to Process Technology         $483


Oil and Gas Colisted Courses CE Spring 2015 (Advanced Courses)
CRN Courses Title Day Time Dates Hours Price
20295 PTAC 2020 Process Technology System MTWR 6:15p–8:45p Jan 21–May13 96 $483
20297 PTAC 1054 Industrial Processes TR 6:15p–9:10p Jan 20–May 14 112 $483
20293 PTRT 2023 Natural Gas Production MTWR 1:10p–6:10p Jan 20–Feb 12 96 $483
20294 PTRT 2031 Well Completions MTWR 1:10p–4:30p Feb 16–Mar 19 64 $483
30187 PTAC 1010 Process Technology Equipment MTWR 1:10p–5:20p Mar 23–Apr 16 80 $483
30188 PTRT 2032 Artificial Lift MTWR 1:10p–5:20p Apr 20–May 20 80 $483
30184 PTAC 1032 Process Instrumentation I MTWR 8a–1p Apr 20–May 14 96 $483
30185 PTRT 1024 Petroleum Instrumentation MTWR 8a–1p Apr 20–May 20 96 $483


Oil & Gas Safety Training

PEC Certifications:

  • Access to Employee Exposure and Medical Records
  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Benzene
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Fire Protection/Prevention/Extinguishing
  • Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (Awareness and Operations Level)
  • Hearing Conservation/Protection
  • Lead Awareness
  • Respiratory Protection

It includes 40 total contact hours and costs $800.

Course/Section/CRN Dates Day Time Payment Deadling
20669 2/9/15–2/13/15 Monday–Friday 8a.m.–5p.m. ---

*Class no longer available: Dates should be Pending or please contact dept, but the schedule remains the same

Also in addition to the PEC Certification students also receive Defensive Driving and Medic First Aid Certifications. Once this class is completed all three certifications are awarded to students.

Multi-Skilled Energy Technology Certificate Programs

Multi-skilled Energy Technician

  • Petroleum Fundamentals
  • Math For Electricians
  • Technical Drawings
  • AC Circuits
  • DC Circuits
  • Hydraulics/ Pneumatics

Multi-Skilled Energy Troubleshooting Technician

  • AC/DC motor controls
  • Digital Applications
  • Electronic Trouble shooting

Multi-Skilled Energy PLC Technician

  • Intro to Programmble Logic Controllers
  • PLC with Intergration to EMS
  • Advanced PLCs

Customized Training Also Available!!!

Welding Certificate Programs

Recent discoveries of Oil and Natural Gas in South Texas are increasing demand for welders in the area.

Learn the skills in demand through Palo Alto College!

Introduction to Welding (WLD 1009)

Demonstrate safety procedures associated with oxy-fuel and arc process; perform basic welds using oxy-fuel and arc welding equipment; and identify ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Advanced Arc Welding (WLD 1019)

Describe effects of preheating and post-weld heating; explain precautions used when welding various metals and alloys; distinguish between qualification and certification procedures; and discuss problems of welding discontinuities. Perform open groove welds with low carbon steel and low alloy electrodes in all positions.

Advanced TIG Welding (WLD 1021)

Learn and perform the process for Tungsten Inert Gas(TIG) arc welding.

Advanced MIG Welding (WLD 1022)

Learn and perform the process for Metal Inert Gas (MIG) arc welding.

Advanced Pipe Welding (WLD 1023)

Learn and perform the process for welding of pipe

Contact Information

Director of Workforce:
David Rutkoski