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Tutoring labs on campus provide much-needed help

By Danny Mendez | Pulse Staff Reporter

Tutoring LabsGabrielle Gallardo feels “pretty confident” about math after visiting the Gutierrez Learning Labs, and she believes that the labs are a good source of assistance. Ryan Mann, another PAC student, said that the GLL is “great and very helpful.”

Thomas Murguia, director of the Gutierrez Learning Labs, said that the GLL is a learning center for Writing, Rooms 102 and 103, and Mathematics, Room 106, assistance, molding students’ education in a better direction.

In addition, Reading tutoring is available in Nueces Hall, Room 114, and Science tutoring is available in Frio Hall, Room 111, and Brazos Hall, Room 126.

Murguia said students can keep up with their homework and course concepts, whether it is math or writing. Taking advantage of these free tutoring sessions should result in better academic scores. He thinks that the Gutierrez Learning Lab is a productive source of education because feedback is positive.

Students have reported doing better academically and having a better grasp of their challenges. Ali Hazen described the Learning Labs as  “nice, quiet” with helpful professors. Jacob Dehoyos described the Gutierrez Learning Labs as “very helpful,” as well.

In the last academic year, 23,000 visits occured in the math lab alone. Murguia was in shock to see a large number of visits in one year, but believes that students must really care about their college success and also their future. Palo Alto student Julian Ledesma said that the Gutierrez Learning Labs are a helpful source in tutoring, as did Barbara Cruz.

Many Palo Alto College students have donated their time to tutor other students who have been struggling with either writing or math. Along with Palo Alto students giving their time to assist students, teachers also come to the Gutierrez Learning Lab to aid with tutorials.

One of the subjects most in demand is Math, followed by Science, then Reading and Writing. Murguia thinks that students tend to struggle more with math.

Palo Alto student Melina Miranda said that she doesn’t enjoy math. She actually hates it, but her one-on-one visits to the Gutierrez Learning Labs have helped her with learning.

Palo Alto students also take on the challenges of reading and science. PAC Science Major Phillip Valladolid said that the tutors help you understand the material you need to succeed.

He describes the Science Center in Frio Hall as “very convenient”. Other students, such as Elizabeth Treviño, said that the Science Center is helpful, and she likes to visit the Science Lab to do her homework right after Chemistry class because the material stays fresh in her mind.

For more information on PAC’s tutoring services, visit, where you may learn about FREE upcoming workshops.