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Top student pet peeves at PAC

By Janelle Ramon | Pulse Staff Reporter

Student pet peeves

If pet peeves are driving you crazy, you are not alone.

Pet peeves are things that irritate people, both minor and major. It could be something as ordinary as someone chewing gum loudly or someone talking loudly in a public place.

Palo Alto students dished on their top pet peeves regarding other students, themselves, college and their professors.

“I hate spitting,” said Jessica Cantu, a sophomore Education major. “Like when guys spit, it’s really disgusting. It’s just nasty.”

Anastacia Doss, a freshman Pre-Vet major, said, “People who have no manners. People that cough and burp without saying, “Excuse me”, and people that bump into you on the sidewalk.”

Doss said pet peeves could also be hurtful to other people. However, she said that pet peeves don’t necessarily ruin her day.

Solomon Lopez, a sophomore Pre Nursing major, said, “I guess when you are trying to study when it’s someone talking loud.” His pet peeve is students talking loudly on campus while students might be studying before a class starts.

“It breaks your train of thought when you are on a roll. The little distractions get you off the subject you are studying,” Lopez said.

Palo Alto students revealed their pet peeves on college professors, though many students felt that Palo Alto professors are outstanding in what they do.

“Probably my top pet peeve will be about professors. They just show up to class late or don’t post a notice,” said Ernest McDonald, a sophomore Professional Pilot major. McDonald explained professors who show up late to class or professors that do not let students know they won’t be showing up to class, need to have a notice posted.

“I figure just out of courtesy,” McDonald said.

Alexis Gonzales, a freshman Psychology major, also said that teachers who don’t get to class on time is her top pet peeve.

“When teachers are late to class, it’s like you [are] suppose to teach the class,” she said, believing that being on time is very important for students and teachers to preserve the quality of education. “They should be there early,” Gonzales said.

Victoria Bautista, a freshman Bio Medical Science major, explained that her pet peeve is students who are causing a disturbance in class. She will speak if it really bothers her or let the teacher know. She also said she won’t be extreme about it, and that pet peeves don’t stress her out that much.

“I’ll probably just shake it off. I’m not a verbal person,” said Bautista. “I just listen to music to calm down."

Jessica Viera, a sophomore Psychology major, said, “I don’t really have that many pet peeves that bother me.” She said that she’s been here at Palo Alto so long that she doesn’t take notice. “Little things here or there, nothing major. I just got to do what I got to do."

Pet peeves can be very annoying, frustrating and irritating, so the next time yours happens, don’t let it stress you out.