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Library Information
Ozuna Library and Learning Center
Cir (210) 486-3555
Ref (210) 486-3557
June 4 – July 29
(4-day work week)
Mon–Thurs: 8 a.m.–7 p.m.
Fri–Sun: Closed
Closed July 4th
Computer Lab

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Gutierrez Learning
Labs -105

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IT Services
Ozuna 121 and 150

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Every college student should take at least one course in Economics so they can gain an insight into the how the world’s economy operates and functions...Read More 


A world or physical geography course is highly recommended for any student majoring in history, government, economics and business. Read More 


Government courses at Palo Alto College provide the student with an insight into the eight subfields of political science...Read More 


The pathway to the future is paved by its past. Palo Alto College offers a wide variety of history courses... Read More 


Frequently Asked Questions

Does my telecourse and/or internet class require an orientation?

 ALL the Economics, Geography, Government, and History telecourse and internet courses have scheduled orientations for the students to attend. The student must contact their instructor if they are not able to be present at one of these sessions. For more information, please contact the secretary at 486-3140.

Who can I call to schedule a missed exam for an economics, government, or history telecourse?

 All economic, government, and history telecourse students should contact the secretary at 486-3140 in order to make arrangements for an exam to be taken.

May I receive my grades by telephone?

 Due to privacy restrictions, no grades are to be released by telephone.

Which courses are Developmental?

All courses with course numbers starting with a zero are developmental, and while credit is recorded and used in computing your PAC GPA, credit may not be applied toward meeting degree requirements or for transfer credit.

May I receive CLEP credit and how should I make arrangements to take the exams?

Yes, we will consider granting credit for CLEP subject matter exams only. Arrangement to take these exams should be made through the Testing Office at 486-3444. For credit by other Non-Traditional Methods you are referred to the Palo Alto College catalog.

I received an "I" grade. What does this indicate?

 "I" grades are assigned by Instructors when a student has not yet completed all required work within a course. The "I" becomes an "F" in 120 calendar days unless the student either completes the work with a higher final grade or re-registers for the same course within those 120 calendar days after the end of the term.

Contact Information

Virginia Stowitts Traina 

Brazos Hall (BRAZOS-217)



 Interactive History Project