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1819 N. Main St.
San Antonio TX, 78212

San Antonio College
Dental Assisting Program
Graduate Survey

Date:                                                              Present Employer:  

Name:                             Employer's Address:  

Address:                   Work Phone:  


1. Are you currently employed as a dental assistant? 


   If you answered no to the first question, what is the reason? (Skip to question 6) 


2. Did you have any difficulty finding a job?  


  If yes, how long did it take?               Identify the difficutly:   

3. What setting are you working in?  


   If "other", please describe:   

4. What type of work are you performing? (check all that apply)  


5. How would you describe your job satisfaction? 


    *If unsatisfied, what is the reason?  

6. What starting pay should graduates expect?  
                                                                         (please specify: hourly, weekly, monthly, annually)

7. Are you a member of a professional organization(s)? (check all that apply) 


   If "Other", please describe:   

8. Please rate how well prepared you were in each of the clinical areas after graduation: 


9. Are there other skills that should be included in the curriculum?   

10. Overall, how would you rate your education in the San Antonio College Dental Assisting Program?  


Using the rating scale below, how would you rate the San Antonio College Dental Assisting Program? 


11. Education Skills Learned: 

A. Project a positive attitude
B. Perform within ethical boundaries
C. Practice within the scope of education, training, and personal capabilities
D. Maintain confidentiality 
E. Work as a team member 
F. Conduct oneself courteously 
G. Adapt to change 
H. Show initiative and responsibility 
I. Promote the profession 

12. Communication Skills:  

A. Teaching effective communication skills 
B. Listen and Observe 
C. Empathy and impartiality 
D. Adapt communication to be understandable 
E. Serve as liaison between dentists and others 
F. Receive, organize, prioritize, and transmit information 
G. Use dental terminology appropriately 
H. Compose written communication correctly 

13. Performing business office procedures:

A. Telephone management 
B. Appointment control 
C. Receipt of payment for dental services 
D. Completion of third party reimbursement forms 
E. Supply and inventory maintenance 
F. Data entry for charges and payments 
G. Managing recall systems 
H. Operating basic business equipment 

14. Performing clinical supportive functions: 

A. Assisting chairside in general dentistry 
B. Applying current concepts of chairside assisting 
C. Preparing and dismissing patients 
D. Providing post-operative instructions prescribed by the dentist 
E. Providing tray setups for general dentistry procedures 
F. Assisting with and or placing and removing rubber dam 
G. Applying topical and flouride agents
H. Maintaining accurate patient treatment records 
I. Performing routine maintenance of the treatment areas and equipment and instruction 
J. Assisting in the management of medical and dental emergencies including CPR 

15. Providing diagnostic aids:

A. Exposing, processing and mounting of radiographs 
B. Taking and recording medical and dental histories 
C. Performing preliminary charting and data collection 
D. Taking and recording vital signs 

16. Preparation for following hazard control protocols: 

A. Maintenance, disinfection and sterilization of equipment, instruments and supplies 
B. Adherence to aseptic technique related to patient care

17. How would you rate the San Antonio College: 

A. Program in providing instruction?

18. Performing laboratory procedures associated with chairside assisting: 

A. Pouring, trimming and polishing study casts
B. Fabricating custom impression trays from preliminary impressions
C. Cleaning and polishing removable appliances and prostheses
D. Fabricating provisional restorations