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San Antonio TX, 78212
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ASL / Interpreting Resource Lab (NTC 110)
ASL / Interpreting Resource Lab (NTC 108)

Hours of Operation For Spring  2015

Monday - Thursday 7:00am - 6:00pm 
Friday :    8am - 4:00pm 
Saturday:  Closed
Sunday :   Closed 

 What is the lab?  
 San Antonio College is fortunate to have a dedicated ASL/Interpreting lab.  It is a great place to view ASL and Interpreting digital resources.  The library is extensive and you will find many resources related to Deaf people, Deaf Culture, America Sign Language and Interpreting.  Unfortunately, resources may not be checked out.  In order for students to improve both their receptive and expressive sign skills, lab work is incorporated into many of the classes.  The additional lab hours help ensure that students have sufficient opportunities to further develop their skills.  Everyone is asked to refrain from speaking in the lab and communicate solely in sign language. 

 Who does the lab serve?  
 The primary focus of the lab is to assist San Antonio College students, but members of the Deaf community as well as interpreters are always welcome.  

 What services are available?  
 There are 20 computers in the lab available for student use as well as  6 recording rooms that may be used to record class assignments, projects and tests. 
There is a full time lab director who is Deaf as well as faculty that are available for individual or small group tutoring.  If you would like to have tutoring on a regular basis, please arrange this  with the lab director or individual faculty member. 

 How does it benefit students?  
 The lab is  a place for students to chat with other students both Deaf and hearing or work together on a class  project and experience communicating in American Sign Language outside of the classroom.


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Lab Location:
Nail Technical Center (NTC-110)

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