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1819 N. Main St.
San Antonio TX, 78212



San Antonio College EcoCentro Sustainability workshops will offer practical, realistic and a local approach to sustainability.
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EcoCentro Sustainability Workshops

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San Antonio College EcoCentro Sustainability workshops   will offer practical, realistic and a local approach to sustainability.  The workshops are free and open to the public.

Don’t own a home? Don’t worry – even apartment dwellers can learn about the best indoor plants to have.


San Antonio College
1300 San Pedro Ave., 78212
Service Trade & Industry Center, Room 115
(building located at 1801 N. Main)


All workshops are 9-10:30 a.m.  on the following dates:


June 22: Conserving Energy in the Home –   Conserving energy doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. There are simple steps that everyone an take that will make a real difference for their wallet The  presentation will concentrate on specific issues that affects San Antonio residents, and will have a  do-it-yourself focus .

July 13: Indoor plants – Apartment living in a big city is convenient, but not always pretty or comfortable. This program will teach attendees how they can make their homes a more pleasant and healthy place to live with indoor plants. With the right selection of plants, any living space can be transformed. We’ll cover everything from herbs you can grow on your window sill,  to fragrant flowers that freshen things up.     


July 27: How to achieve affordable efficiency –  Energy Efficiency is a big concept, and can be expensive to achieve. Fortunately there are ways to make it affordable and to allow San Antonio residents to realize greater savings sooner. Attendees will receive the most up to date information about how they can be energy efficient without breaking the bank.


August 10: Cool your home with landscaping– Proper placement of appropriate trees and shrubs can go a long way towards keeping a building cooler. From planting a few trees and bushes over the driveway, to building a vine-covered terrace to completely shielding the   west side of your home from that blazing afternoon sun- this presentation will tell you how.


August 24: Landscaping for water management–   Ever watched the river of water run down your asphalt or concrete driveway in a big thunderstorm? What about a flooded basement because your home sits in the lowest part of your property? In the current drought there are better uses for all that water than running to storm drains or seeping into your basement. Your property can be landscaped to make efficient use of that water for your lawn, garden, or just to keep it away from your house. Come hear an expert on the subject tell you how.    


Steven Lewis, director STIC or call 210-486-0417