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San Antonio College “iPad in Classroom” Pilot Study Program 

Enhancing Teaching and Learning with use of iPads 

Spring 2014 


San Antonio College is offering five awards to participate in the iPad in Classroom Pilot Study Program. Faculty who attended Apple workshops during the spring convocation 2014 event are eligible.  Each pilot study will include: 


  • An iPad (16GB Wi-Fi) for the Faculty (who are not currently assigned a College iPad). 
  • A Classroom set of student iPads.  Each student will be required to check out the iPad from the Office of Technology Services Service Center (MLC 710) for the designated term.  At the end of the term, students will be required to return the iPads to OTS-Service Center. 
  • Professional development workshops for faculty and students on how to integrate the iPads into classroom instruction. 
  • Ongoing technical assistance for both faculty and students. 


Applications Deadlines and Application Evaluation: 

  • Proposals Due:  April 4, 2014 by 5:00 PM to Dr. Dawn Elmore ( 
  • An “iPad in Classroom” Review Taskforce will be formed under the Teaching with Technology committee to review faculty proposals and to recommend award recipients to the Vice President of Student and Academic Success.  The team at a minimum will include a college chair, college staff member, two faculty members and a student representative from San Antonio College. 
  • Pilot study recipients will be notified on:  April 18, 2014. 


Pilot Study Participants: 

  • San Antonio College Faculty Members. 


General Pilot Study Guidelines: 

  • The iPad in Classroom Pilot Study participants will be awarded through a competitive proposal process.  The projects will be scored according to the following rubric and must include: 





  1. Innovative ways in which technology/the iPad will be used to facilitate learning experiences. 




  1. Instructional strategies that foster students’ ability to function effectively in a technologically oriented, global society. 




  1. Student activities that allow for research, collaboration, communication, and creation. 




  1. A viable assessment or evaluation plan, describing how the ‘process’ of integrating the technology will be assessed. 




Pilot Study Participant Requirements: 

  1. IPad Pilot Study participants will be required to participate in a monthly 50-minute session to provide training and collaboration on how the iPads are being used in the classroom. 
  2. At the end of the award period, Faculty participants will deliver a structured 30-45 minute presentation based on their pilot initiative/use of the iPad at the Teaching with Technology Fall 2014 Convocation event.  Faculty participants will also be encouraged to disseminate the results of the project outside of San Antonio College (City, State or National Conferences).  This will include project successes, failures and lessons learned from doing this study. 


Pilot Study Timelines: 

Pilot Study Activities  


Pilot Study information available on IIC Website 

March 21, 2014 

Proposals Due 

April 4, 2014 

Pilot Study Participants Notified of award 

April 18, 2014 

iPad Training Session 

April 21, 2014 – May 09, 2014 

iPad assignments for Summer I or Summer II Pilot 

May 30, 2014 

Study Presentation (Fall Convocation) 

August 18 – August 22 

Contact Information

Heather Cura
Coordinator of Instructional Technology
San Antonio College
(210) 486-0044
ipad in classroom app