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I AM SAC Proud…

Born and raised in San Antonio, Joseph graduated from Highlands High School and attended St. Philip's college before coming to SAC. Today, he is strong, reliable, creative, and SAC PROUD. Read more.
Joseph Jackson

I AM SAC Proud Highlight: Joseph Jackson

Born and raised in San Antonio, Joseph graduated from Highlands High School in June 2015.

A star athlete, Joseph has always been active in sports. As well, he was a member of the PALs program where he mentored elementary and middle school children.

After high school, Joseph’s interest in engineering led him to enroll at St. Philip’s College. Later, he chose to transfer to SAC to pursue a degree in Kinesiology.

Currently, Joseph is married and spends most of his time taking care of his nearly two-year old daughter. As well, he attends school full-time and works part-time in SAC’s Empowerment Center.

Recently, Joseph was awarded the LULAC Parent/Child Scholarship which will provide his daugh- ter two free years of college upon graduating from high school.

Raised by his grandfather, a retired teacher and football/basketball coach, Joseph hopes he can become a coach one day. “I learned that being an athlete prepares you for the real world,” said Joseph. “Being committed to a sport is the same thing as being committed to a job.”

Determined to set his daughter up for a successful life, Joseph is committed to graduating from SAC and plans to transfer to Texas A&M San Antonio in 2018.

Joseph is strong, loyal, creative, smart, committed, reliable and SAC PROUD.