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1819 N. Main St.
San Antonio TX, 78212

Students seeking to apply to the Mortuary Science Department must first complete all San Antonio College admission requirements. 

Step 1:  

Complete all college admission steps by following the college enrollment checklist. Please click on the following link to redirect you to the checklist: College Enrollment Checklist

Once all college requirements have been met, students will need to complete the following steps for admission into the Mortuary Science Department:   





Step 2:

 Apply to the Mortuary Science Department: Please click the following link to redirect you to the application: Link to Mortuary Science Application   

Please note: The Mortuary Science application cannot be submitted online. Submission of the application can be done through any of the following methods: 

  • E-mail: (method preferred) 
  • Fax: (210) 486-9241 
  • Drop off in person: Nail Technical Center Room 238


Step 3:

 Submit proof of your Hepatitis B vaccinations (3-part series) or serology along with your Mortuary Science application. For more information on this vaccine requirement, please see the immunization section below for  details. 


Step 4:

Submit application with proof of your Hepatitis B by the following Mortuary Science application deadlines: 

Mortuary Science Application Periods  




March 1st- July 1st


February 1st- May 1st


July 1st- October 1st


Please Note: Mortuary Science applicant slots are  first-come first-serve, based on completion of College and Department requirements.

Missed a deadline? Contact the Mortuary Science Department at 210-486-1137 or by email at .





Mortuary Science Application Review Process: 

The Mortuary Science application review process will begin once the student has completed all College and Department requirements and after the application deadline.  

Any incomplete college requirements (see step 1), incomplete mortuary science requirements (see step 2, 3 and 4) or holds on the student's account will delay their application process.  

Once all the above has been completed, students will then be contacted for an interview and an advisement appointment through their college email or phone number they provided. 



First Time In Department Orientation:

All first-time Mortuary Science students will be required to attend an orientation after being interviewed and advised by our department.  This is a mandatory 1 day orientation session that is disclosed on the Mortuary Science application.  

  • Those students applying for any Spring semester will attend a session during January.
  • Those students applying for the Summer II or the Fall semester will attend a session during August.

Confirmed dates and times of these sessions will be emailed to the student’s school email (ACES).







 All  applications to the Mortuary Science Department must include a copy of  a completed Hepatitis B series (3-vaccination series), or serologic confirmation of immunity to the Hepatitis B virus.

 If an applicant is unable to submit proof of the full series, he/she  must submit proof of the first vaccination with their application.  Applicants will be responsible for providing copies of their 2nd and 3rd Hepatitis B vaccination as they are administered.

Students should submit only copies and retain original copies for their own records. The Mortuary Science Department will NOT make copies of documents  we receive.

Students who have NOT started their Hepatitis B vaccination series must contact the department to set up a deadline to submit this documentation proof. 

If a student does not contact the department to set up this deadline, the application will not be accepted.

 Students are asked to retain copies of their Hepatitis B because they will be also responsible for showing proof in the following Mortuary Science courses:

  • MRTS 1330 Funeral Service Internship Orientation
  • MRTS 2432 Human Anatomy
  • MRTS 1286 Internship-Funeral Services and Mortuary Science
  • MRTS 2445 Technical Procedures I
  • MRTS 2447 Technical Procedures II