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1819 N. Main St.
San Antonio TX, 78212

Scobee Planetarium Friday Public Programs for March & April 2018.

Public Scobee Planetarium programs are only available on Friday evenings rain or shine (or twinkle) with the doors opening at 6:00pm.  Presentations are provided at 6:30, 7:30 and 9:00pm. There is no late entry to the programs once they begin.  

To access the center, look for the entrance through the construction fencing on the left side of the parking area, closest to the Candle Gym areas.

6:30 Perfect Little Planet - Family Presentation all ages  35 min

7:30 Spring Sky Tonight Live - Children must be 6yrs or older 45-50 min   

9:00 SA Debut:  Dark Matter Mysteries - Children must be 6yrs or older  38 min

Ticket information 

The Scobee Planetarium ticket sales have been brisk during the 30 minutes prior to show times.  It is encouraged that visitors arrive early, if they plan to be seated.  There are only 101 seats in our theatre and the shows often sell out. 

Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office inside the Scobee Education Center 30 minutes prior to show time. Tickets may be purchased with credit card, cash or check.

Seating is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.   Groups should be together at the time of ticket purchase to ensure that all members of the group are present when the doors close. Shows start promptly at the designated times and due to the nature of the planetarium theatre, late entry is not permitted.   Shows last 40 to 60 minutes in length.

Birthday parties renting the spaces in the Scobee Education Center are provided 25 seats in the planetarium show following their gathering.  These individuals are seated first as a result of this agreement. The Scobee Education Center does not sell advance tickets or take reservations separate from these birthday party agreements for Friday night shows.  Birthday reservations are subject to availability of the Briefing Room, Mays North Lobby or programming.  

See show schedule for age restrictions.  Age restrictions will not be waived for the 7:30 and 9:00pm programs.

Ticket Prices 

 Children (ages 4 - 17) - $4.00 per show
 Adults (18+) - $5.00 per show
 Seniors (65+) and military with ID - $4.00 per show
 Alamo Colleges District personnel with ID - $2.00 per show


 The Scobee Education Center is located within the San Antonio College campus and, while the campus address is 1819 N. Main Ave, this will bring you to the east side of campus with no direct access to our center.

It is far easier to locate San Antonio College's west side of campus and San Pedro Avenue.  From San Pedro Avenue, you will turn east onto W. Park Avenue.  This will bring you into the campus and you will see the large, blue Cheever Star Tower on your left.  This iconic architecture is located on the corner of our center and the "front door" to the center is on the terrace closest to this tower.  You may park free in Lots 21 or 29 without a decal, but should not park in Lots 20 or 22 as these are reserved for faculty and staff.  Lots 20 & 22 may result in a ticket.


Public programming is available on Friday Evenings only.  School, camp and community group programs are available by reservation only during other times and dates. It is recommended that large scout and community groups prearrange their own programs instead of meeting at the public presentations in order to have everyone in their group seated.  If you are coordinating a large group, please, contact our center to make special group arrangements during weekdays prior to the Friday evening public performances.  210-486-0100  or  

Educators may download a summary of the planetarium presentations through the Scobee Educator web site at: 


 The entire Scobee Education Center and planetarium are closed on the following dates for college vacations, holidays and private events:   March 10-18, March 30, April 27, and July 4, 2018.   


Contact Information

For more information or to make a field trip reservation, contact:     

Monica Gutierrez, Administrative Services Specialist

Phone: 210-486-0103

Reservations Email:


Rick Varner, Center Director
Phone:  210-486-0402

For information regarding sponsorship of events, programs or exhibits,  contact:

Natasha Sobers, Coordinator of Program Development

Phone:  210-486-0956

For more information about the Scobee Planetarium, contact:

Michelle Risse, Planétarium Coordinator 
Phone: 210-486-0101


For more information about Challenger Learning Center missions and education programs, contact:

Jennifer Becerra,
Lead Flight Director/Academic Program Coordinator
Phone:  210-486-0955


Celina Terrones, Academic Program Specialist
Phone: 210-486-0095

Location:  (Campus mailing address - not the physical location)

San Antonio College campus

1819 N. Main Ave

San Antonio, TX  78212

Physically located approximately 1 block east of the intersection of San Pedro Ave. and West Park Street. Enter campus east on W. Park Ave. Free parking in non-reserved spaces is available in Lot 21 and Lot 29.  Look for the large blue Charlie Cheever Jr Star Tower across Lot 21 to your left.  Google Map: