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Wireless Internet Hotspots

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wi-Fi? 

What is 802.11x? 

What kind of wireless card should I purchase? 

What software do I need to connect to the Alamo Colleges Wireless Network? 

What is a wireless access point? 

What is a hotspot? 

How fast is our wireless network? 

What is the difference between AlamoNet and AlamoGuest? 

What are my Wi-Fi access requirements? 

Is the access performance the same on the wireless network as it is on the wired network? 

Can I sign in with more than one Wi-Fi enabled device at a time, such as my laptop and phone? 

How do I connect and login to San Antonio College wireless network? 

Is there a charge to access our College Wireless network ? 

When is the wireless service available for use? 

Why does wireless work in some areas, but not in others? 

What do I do if I am getting a bad signal strength? 

How do I report a wireless connectivity issue? 

How can I request a new wireless location or service expansion? 

What are the applicable policies or guidelines? 

Wi-Fi Information

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