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St. Philip's College Library

MLK Campus: 210-486-2330
Location: Center for Learning Resources (CLR)

SWC Campus: 210-486-7023
Location: Building 1-C123


Computer Science

Want to learn interactive programming?

Learn to create GUI (Graphical User Interface) programs that will drive your program.

Computer Science Photo 1

Want to learn interactive programming?

Learn to create GUI (Graphical User Interface) programs that will drive your program.

Computer Science Photo 2

Want to understand how to go from pseudocode to coding?

Create and understand why computer programming will produce code that will do exactly what you tell the computer to do.

Computer Science Photo 3

Want to learn multiple languages?

Learn why computer programming in various languages can be fun and rewarding.

Computer Science Photo 4

Want to learn how a computer is organized?

You will learn how a computer is able to understand your code by breaking it down to a lower level.

Computer Science Photo 5

Would You Like to Learn Computer Technology?

Our program will give you an overview of computer systems-hardware, operating systems, and microcomputer application software.

The field of Computer Science is predicated around the design of computer programs (software) and computer hardware.  We now live in an era where computers are used in virtually every area of business, entertainment, consumer products, and academia.  The Computer Science Program at St. Philip's College is centered on understanding a problem, designing a solution, and then applying that  solution within a high-level programming language.  A student may choose between the Associate of Science Degree, Advising Guide, or the Field of Study.

Students will have the opportunity to obtain an education and skills in the field of Computer Science via the latest technology (software/hardware) and have their courses transfer to a four-year academic institution, thus enabling them the ability to acquire their bachelor's degree.

Associate of Science Degree with optional electives in Computer Science

 Computer Science A.S.

Advising Guides

Computer Science (Advising Guides)

Field of Study

Computer Science (Field of Study) 

Program Topics

  •  Java Programming (Eclipse platform) 
  •  C Programming (CodeBlocks platform) 
  •  Elementary programming (if, if-else, loops, input/output) 
  •  Advanced programming (stacks, queues, linked list, binary trees, graphs) 
  •  Applets 
  •  GUI programming

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Robert Castaneda
Associate Professor and Program Director
Phone: 210-486-2363
Location: Bowden 239

Revis Bell
Assistant Professor
Phone: 210-486-2407
Location: Bowden 231

Michael Gershman
Full Time Adjunct Faculty
Phone: 210-486-2659
Location: Bowden 228

Phone: 210-486-2312
Location: Bowden 230

Everett Percy
Adjunct Faculty

Contact Information

Program Director:
Dr. Robert Castaneda

MLK Campus
Bowden Building, BOWD 239