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Silver Circle Enrichment Classes for Adults 55+

The Community Service and Training Center understands that our community is enhanced by the contributions of its "silver" residents (adults ages 55 and up), and we are committed to offering classes that help these vital, energetic members of our community to elevate their daily lives and improve a variety of skills important to their quality of life. If you are a Silver Senior, please join us for one of the following low- or no-cost classes and let us be your partner in improving your well-being and your skills.

Beginning Computers

If you are scared to turn on a computer for fear of breaking it, or you think you'll never get the hang of moving around that pesky mouse, this is the class for you. We begin with the absolute basics, and you will soon find yourself enjoying everything today's computers have to offer, including word processing.

Introduction to Internet and Email

Perhaps you're not interested in learning about computers in general, but want only to be able to surf the internet, do some basic shopping online, or communicate with your loved ones through email. This class is the right one for you! We'll show you through the process of sending and receiving emails, including photo attachments and nifty graphics.

Introduction to Microsoft Word

So you know how to turn the computer on and get a basic document going. Great! Do you want to learn how to do even more with one of the most popular word processing programs in the world? We’ll show you how to type up letters, flyers, and tables in Word, then show you how to share those documents with others. Your kids and grandkids will be so impressed, and soon you’ll be the neighborhood Word Pro!

Introduction to PowerPoint

This program can be scary to a novice computer user, but it’s one of the best programs for creating presentations that make people take notice of what you are sharing. Learn how to create a basic presentation (including a hefty dose of bells and whistles like sound visual effects). Impress yourself, your family and your friends with the skills you’ll be using within weeks.

Introduction to SKYPE

So you have relatives who live far away, or a friend who’s moved to Timbuktoo, or grandkids who aren’t so far away but who’d rather communicate using their computers. Communicating via webcam is easy and fun, and it can make your life a whole lot easier than racking up all those long distance charges. Let our instructor show you how to use SKYPE to communicate with others around the country. You don’t need to be a computer expert for this class!

Purchasing the Right Computer for YOUR Needs

Nowadays, there are so many different options available. Do you buy a netbook, a laptop, or a desktop? How much should you worry about gigabytes, wireless b/g/n, or RAM? Many times, purchasing a computer ends up being an exercise in frustration. In the worst cases, that brand new computer ends up becoming a very expensive piece of furniture rather than a technological tool that can enrich and simplify your life. Let us show you how to determine what you need (and hopefully save you some money, too).

Introduction to Genealogical Research

Today, many of us recognize that knowing our family background is essential not only to understanding where we came from, but also to ensuring that we understand the health challenges we might face as we grow older. If you think that researching your family tree is downright impossible, let us help you navigate the different search techniques available to you.

Jewelry Making 101

We love making our own jewelry and think you’ll love it, too! Let us show you how to craft pieces of your own to keep or to share with others. We’ll show you how to work with beads, basic metals, and cord in order to create something uniquely YOU. Come on—pick up the needle-nose pliers and start making those Christmas gifts!

Meditation for Stress Relief

Regardless of our respective ages, we all experience stress. As we continue to age, and as our responsibilities and challenges shift and grow, that stress can multiply, leaving us exhausted and sometimes unable to really enjoy our lives. A meditation practice can help you diminish your stress levels and develop healthier stress management strategies. Join us for this beneficial class in reducing your own stress level!

Cooking for Health Challenges: Diabetes

Diabetes is affecting more and more of us, either individually or through our loved ones' battles with the disease. One of the biggest challenges diabetics and their loved ones face is understanding the dietary changes necessary to manage blood glucose issues. This class is designed to help you understand how to cook more healthfully and with a better understanding of how to balance proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in order to create meals that are satisfying, creative, and healthy. Don't let diabetes destroy your enjoyment of food! Let us help you find creative ways to enjoy your meals while also benefiting you and your loved ones' health.

Cooking for Health Challenges: Heart Disease

Preventing heart attacks and strokes is a huge concern for all of us, but it is especially critical to those of us in our silver years. Let our instructors show you how to create healthy meals for people with heart disease. You won't believe how tasty heart-healthy meals can be!

Stress Relief for Caregivers

One of the biggest challenges we face in our lives is caring for a loved one with a challenging or terminal illness. Many of us currently find ourselves faced with caring for family members or friends who require exhaustive attention, and we sacrifice our time and energy to provide the necessary care, often putting ourselves last on the care list. Our class will help you find the right stress relief strategies for you as well as giving you insight into the types of conflicts and frustrations you might face as a caregiver. Join us for this enlightening class, whether you have just begun to provide care to someone else or are already a loved one's caregiver; it's never too early or too late.

Exploring Your Medicare Options

Medicare Advantage plans! Medicare Supplements! Medigap coverage! Co-pays! Co-insurance! Each year, those of us on Medicare have the opportunity to make changes to our health care plans. Unfortunately, many Medicare recipients don’t know how to tell the difference between plans or how to ask the right questions to get the information they need. Let our experienced counselors from Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG) help you better understand the plan(s) that are right for you! This is a short seminar offered during November and December.

Maximizing Your Finances

Now perhaps more than ever, it’s important for you to understand where your money is going each month and to find ways to make it go further. We’ll help you understand how to create an individualized financial plan for yourself so that you can see how you spend your money and how to more effectively use it to ensure that you can cover the necessities (and maybe a few luxuries, too!) of life.

Power of Attorney and Living Will Seminar

With life constantly throwing little surprises our way, we must focus ourselves on making our wishes clear to others and on ensuring that someone is there to help us when we can’t make decisions for ourselves. Having power of attorney paperwork set up is critical to making certain that someone will be our voice when we cannot speak for ourselves. A living will makes our wishes clear to others so that no one will doubt what we want for ourselves. Experienced attorneys and case managers will help you craft a power of attorney document and/or a living will so that you may feel secure in the knowledge that your voice will always be heard.

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