Executive Faculty Council

2019 - 2020 Council Members

Faculty Members

Northeast Lakeview College

Karla Kosub-Coronado
Judah Leggett


Northwest Vista College

Michael Lee Gardin
Dr. Aaron Prado

Palo Alto College

Tony Villanueva
Amanda Salinas

St. Philip's College

Jack Nawrocik
Cindy Katz

San Antonio College

Lawrence Irvin
Ruby Martinez



Chair of Chairs

Staff Council President

Katherine Mayer Kim Sanders


Administrative Members


Dr. Mike Flores

Vice Chancellor of Academic Success

Dr. George Railey

NLC Vice President of Academic Success

Laura Sanchez


PAC College President

Dr. Robert Garza

PAC Vice President of Student Success

Gilbert Becerra

Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources

Linda Boyer-Owens


Faculty Fellow

Will Thornton



Executive Faculty Council Charter and Operating Agreement


Guiding Principles

EFC is an honored space to engage in deep thinking and rich discussion leading to improved outcomes since our possibility expands as we work together to solve complex problems.

In our dealings with others, we never sacrifice our goodwill and endeavor in all interactions to intentionally build positive relationships.

We will work hard to deeply understand issues and share that knowledge always being mindful of the perspective of those most closely affected. 

We will fearlessly embrace our challenges and will faithfully communicate what we learn and decide in an easily accessible format for faculty and the public.