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For Program Information, please call us at 

210-21ALAMO (210-212-5266)  or 1-844-20ALAMO (1-844-202-5266)

Northeast Lakeview College Information Technology

Science & Technology- Career Tech Building (CATE) Room 210H

Anthony Andrade

Program Manager


Norma Gutierrez

Admin. Service Specialist



Registration Specialist


Northwest Vista College

Business & Communication Arts - Mountain Laurel Hall (MLH) Room 234 

Yvonne Haynes

Program Manager


Amparo R. Polendo  

Admin. Service Specialist


Maria Cobbs

Registration Specialist



Palo Alto College

Health and Biosciences


Program Manager




 Admin. Service Specialist



Angelita Wolfe

Registration Specialist



San Antonio College

Public Service - Moody Learning Center 6th Floor- Suite 632

Dr. Barbara J. Knotts

Program Manager


Tamica Pratt

Registration Specialist

(210) 486-0414 


St. Philip's College

Manufacturing and Logistics - Industrial Technology Center (ITC), Building 1 D Wing Suite 116

Alfred Landeros

Program Manager


Jeannette Cooper

Admin. Service Specialist


Angel Orozco 

Registration Specialist



Workforce Training Network District Contacts


Name Title Phone Email
Colin Nichols Director of CE - Sales & Partnership 210-485-0817
Jessica Rendon Director of CE - ICD 210-485-0828
Steven Sparks Director of CE - Operations 210-485-0805



Name Title Phone Email
Hildegaard Mayorga Admin Assistant to the AVC 210-485-0861

Sales & Partnership

Name Title Phone Email
Cristina Sanchez Corporate Liaison 210-485-0851
TBD Coordinator Occupational Programs TBD TBD
Juan Song Account Executive 210-485-0827
Kathy Fogle Corporate Liaison 210-485-0863
Raquel Perez Corporate Liaison 210-485-0815


Instructor & Curriculum Development

Name Title Phone Email
Barbara Carreon District CE Program Manager  210-485-0882
Pauline Ramirez Educator Prep Program Manager  210-485-0042
Rebecca Perez Curriculum Development Specialist  210-485-0513
Shannon Reynolds CE Curriculum Manager 210-485-0810
Vanessa Barrera Workforce Development Specialist  210-485-0860
Vanessa Bailey      Workforce Development Specialist 210-485-0845
Shannon Marie Helferty Administrative Services Specialist 210-485-0532
Tascha Anderson Tech. Trainer I for Health & Safety 210-485-0828
Mark Brown Tech. Trainer I 210-485-0838
Joe Carreon Tech. Trainer II 210-485-2208
Joseph Cobb Tech. Trainer I 210-485-2208
Juan Sepulveda Tech. Trainer I



Name Title Phone Email
Angelica Esparza  CE Enrollment Services Professional 210-485-0520
Jenny Moya CE Enrollment Services Professional 210-485-0523 
Mary Jane Cardenas CE Research Analyst 210-485-0820
Michelle D Burnett Coordinator Workforce Education 210-485-0522
Rudy Espinoza CE CSI Enrollment Specialist 210-485-0526
Roxanne Gonzales CE CSI Enrollment Specialist 210-485-0525
Linda Mesa-Sutton CE CSI Enrollment Specialist 210-485-0524


Youth Apprenticeship Readiness Grant (YARG)

Name Title Phone Email
Ana Salazar Mgr., Registered Apprenticeship Pgm 210-486-3924
Sandra Richardson Business Engagement Liaison 210-486-3937
Ivan Pena Sr. Coord. – Std. Success        210-486-3937
Leticia Fisher Sr. Coord. – Std. Success        210-485-0027
Almendra Garcia Workforce Dev. Sppt. Spec. 210-485-0516

For general information, please call us at 

210-21ALAMO (210-212-5266)  or 1844-20ALAMO (1-844-202-5266)