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For Program Information, please call us at 

210-21ALAMO (210-212-5266)  or 1-844-20ALAMO (1-844-202-5266)

Northeast Lakeview College - Information Technology - Career Tech Building (CATE) Room 210H
Name Title Phone Email
Anthony Andrade Program Manager 210-486-5386
Norma Gutierrez Admin. Service Specialist 210-486-5380
Kaylin Wilcox  Registration Specialist 210-486-5304


Northwest Vista College - Business & Communication Arts - Mountain Laurel Hall (MLH) Room 234 
Name Title Phone Email
Christine Maddox Program Manager 210-486-4415
Amparo R. Polendo   Admin. Service Specialist 210-486-4421
Maria Cobbs Registration Specialist 210-486-4420 


Palo Alto College - Health and Biosciences - Sabine Hall (SABINE) Room 101
Name Title Phone Email
David Rutkoski  Program Manager 210-486-3411 
Angela Garcia Admin. Service Specialist 210-486-3325


San Antonio College - Public Service - Oppenheimer Center (OC) Room 322
Name Title Phone Email
Dr. Barbara Knotts Interim Program Manager 210-486-0593
Deborah Harrison Admin. Service Specialist 210-486-0401
Virgie Orta  Registration Specialist 210-486-0414 


 St. Philip's College Southwest Campus - Manufacturing and Logistics - Industrial Technology Center (ITC), Building 1 D Wing Suite 116
Name Title Phone Email
Alfred Landeros Program Manager 210-486-7082
Jeannette Cooper Admin. Service Specialist 210-486-7080


Workforce Training Network District Contacts


Name Title Phone Email
Colin Nichols Director of CE - Sales & Partnership 210-485-0817
Jessica Rendon Director of CE - ICD 210-485-0828
Steven Sparks Director of CE - Operations 210-485-0805



Name Title Phone Email
Hildegaard Mayorga Admin Assistant to the AVC 210-485-0861

Sales & Partnership


Name Title Phone Email
Cristina Sanchez Corporate Liaison 210-485-0851
Janice Wehrman Coordinator Occupational Programs 210-486-5904
Juan Song Account Executive 210-485-0827
Kathy Fogle Corporate Liaison 210-485-0863
Raquel Perez Corporate Liaison 210-485-0815


Instructor & Curriculum Development

Name Title Phone Email
Barbara Carreon District CE Program Manager  210-485-0882
Pauline Ramirez Educator Prep Program Manager  210-486-5902
Rebecca Perez Curriculum Development Specialist  210-486-5013
Shannon Reynolds CE Curriculum Manager 210-485-0810
Vanessa Barrera Workforce Development Specialist  210-485-0860
Shannon Marie Helferty Administrative Services Specialist 210-485-0532



Name Title Phone Email
Angelica Esparza  CE Enrollment Services Professional 210-485-0520
Jenny Moya CE Enrollment Services Professional 210-485-0523 
Mary Jane Cardenas CE Research Analyst 210-485-0820
Michelle D Burnett Coordinator Workforce Education 210-485-0522


For general information, please call us at 

210-21ALAMO (210-212-5266)  or 1844-20ALAMO (1-844-202-5266)