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Alamo Colleges District is nationally recognized as a premier community college and leader in workforce training and higher education innovation. If you are investing your time and money, make it count. We can help. We are the “training arm” of the Alamo Colleges District; we provide you with the skills that are needed to "do the work.” Training is for people who want to implement new systems, improve a specific ability or further their ability in something.


Steps for Completing CE Student Profile 

Step 1 

Create Student Profile

Get started

Step 2 

For first time Continuing Education Students Click “First Time User Account Login”
(If you are a returning student and need to update your information then a new profile is required and should be completed. Students should retain username and pin for any future use.)

Step 3

Complete Student Profile 
(Students who do not complete the entire profile will not be able to submit, SSN’s are optional on the profile but it is strongly suggested to include.)  

Step 4

Upon completing student profile select “Application Completed”  

Step 5

Agree to the Admission Agreement  


How to obtain your ACES username and password:

Step 1 

Step 2 

Click (How do I get Username and Password)
Enter: Last Name & Last 4 Digits of SSN 
(Students who receive error messages or need further assistance please contact our IT helpdesk at (210) 485-0555.) 

Steps for Registering for CE Course(s)

Step 1 

Login into ACES with Username & Password Click “Login”

Step 2 

Click Student (Third tab at the top of the page)

Step 3

Click Web Services (Top left-hand side of the page)

Step 4

Click Student then Registration

Step 5

Click Look up classes – Detailed View


Step 6

Select CE Term

CE Terms: 
CE Fall (Sept. – Nov.)
CE Winter (Dec. –Feb.)
CE Spring (Mar. –May)
CE Summer (June – Aug.)

Step 7

Select Course Rubric

Step 8

Select desired College location and click Class Search

Step 9

Return to Registration Click Add or Drop Courses

Step 10

Students may enter multiple CRN’s at a time then click: Submit Changes 

Should you need additional assistance, please contact us at (210) 486-5910.