Community Health Worker

Program Level: Certificates, Continuing Education
Department: Workforce Training Network
Institute: Business & Entrepreneurship
College: NVC

The Community Health Worker program prepares you to work in public health, private health care delivery systems, community-based social service agencies, and healthcare insurance organizations. Community Health Workers provide services to increase wellness and improve access to health services through outreach activities to target populations. The program will train you to develop positive relationships with individuals who need assistance and support in developing healthy behaviors, utilizing health resources, and gaining educational support to prevent or alleviate the effects of chronic disease. Hospitals, churches, clinics, insurance companies and nonprofit organizations all need the services of community healthcare workers.


Introduction to Community Health

Get a basic understanding of variables that affect health sectors in the community. Learn the determinants of health at the individual and community level and implement community assessment techniques to include demographics, mapping, and analysis of governmental agency services; describe tracking techniques of clients and services; specify the dynamics in relationship building among groups, organizations, and individuals in a community; and identify initiatives that will impact the health status of a poor under-served community.


Wellness and Health Promotion

Participate in an overview of wellness theory and its application throughout the lifespan. Focus is on attitude development, the impact of cultural beliefs, and communication of wellness and includes health behavior theories and approaches to behavior modification.


Community Nutrition

Study the cultural aspects and public policy of food and nutrition and the socioeconomic and psychological aspects of nutrition throughout the life cycle. You will develop culturally appropriate community-level interventions to improve nutrition for vulnerable populations.


Community Health Field Methods

Prepare for field work with individuals, families, and groups emphasizing teaching and capacity-building skills. You will learn outreach methods to include area canvassing, home visiting, group work, community events, and community organizing.


Clinical-Comm Health Services

Get the work-based learning experience that enables you to apply specialized occupational theory, skills, and concepts. You will have direct supervision from experienced clinical professionals.

  • Christine Maddox  

    Phone: 210-486-4415
    Campus: Northwest Vista College (NVC)
    Building: Mountain Laurel Hall (MLH) Room 234

  • Campus: Northwest Vista College (NVC)
    Building: Mountain Laurel Hall (MLH) Room 234
    Phone: (210) 21ALAMO 
                  (210) 212-5266

  • Amparo Polendo Garcia 

    Phone: 210-486-4421
    Campus: Northwest Vista College (NVC)
    Building: Mountain Laurel Hall (MLH) Room 234