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Program Level: Continuing Education
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College: SAC

Get the latest updated Human Resources (HR) information! Learn how to provide organization and management in human resources. As a human resource management professional, you are responsible for the recruitment and management of the people who work in your organization. You provide direction for the managers and people, as well. It’s all part of being in human resources. This certificate series of modular courses are designed for functions typically found in the contemporary HR department of small to mid-sized companies. The goal is to provide you with the practical information needed to perform the daily tasks required by today's HR professional. Legal issues common to all HR functions are identified, addressed and discussed.

This certificate series is for functions typically found in the contemporary HR department of small to mid-sized companies. The goal is to prepare you to assume a major role in the operation and management of an HR office. Participants must attend 80 percent of each course, satisfy the competencies set forth for each course, and complete all coursework in the following areas:



Review the latest workplace trends including Generational Differences, LGBT  rights, Cybersecurity, Maternity Leave, Marijuana in the Workplace and Pregnancy Disabilities. Discuss recent legal actions, SCOTUS decisions and pending legal debates like Immigration Reform. Review and discuss future changes in workforce demographics and the job growth in industries vs. the skills of future generations of job seekers.


Become familiar with various types of current training and development programs and receive tools and information that help identify the types of learners, different learning styles, motivation and methods to success fostering positive training/ learning environment. In addition, you will also receive training regarding the role of HR in assisting managers in identifying training needs, conduct a training needs assessment (ADDIE), selecting proper coaching methods, employee empowerment and effective delegation, as well as ways for your  company  to help employees develop skills and knowledge on life issues and life-long learning.



Learn the role of the union as it relates to the protection of the rights of  employees  who  are entitled to union representation as well as the role of management, responsibility and duties of union and management, labor contracts (collective bargaining agreement), Unfair Labor Practices, the  role  of the Federal Government with regards to collective bargaining, and the current state of the labor movement. Gain a working knowledge of the legal rights and obligations of employers, employees, and unions regarding union representation, organizing, the negotiation and administration of collective bargaining agreements (CBA). Become familiar with how unions are established and how businesses remain “union-free”.



Review major employment laws and how they impact employees and businesses.  Topics include  Title VII, ADAA, OSHA, Healthcare Reform, and OFCCP compliance. Learn why HR Metrics are important and how to calculate the most common metrics like Turnover and Cost of Turnover. Discuss compliance and best practices in Recruiting. Also, learn how State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) taxes and claims are administered by the state.


Learn best practices for motivating employees including compensation, benefits, personal values, personality, and passion. Take a personality assessment and learn how HR can more positively interact with employees and management. Learn about diversity programs and how harassment and retaliation claims affect businesses; the concepts of LEAN Administration and how these principles apply to HR practices.


An effective employee rewards strategy that’s aligned with organizational needs is critical to successfully managing talent. Learn about current principles and practices of compensation and benefits strategy, design and administration with a focus on making appropriate decisions around employee rewards. Gain practical exposure to base and variable pay programs, employee benefits, executive compensation, the regulatory environment around rewards, performance management, and employee recognition.




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