Nursing Home Activity Director

Program Level: Continuing Education
Department: Workforce Training Network
Institute: Health & Biosciences
College: PAC

Want to make a difference and enhance the quality of life in others? Do you love helping others and enjoy people? Nursing Home Activity professionals play a key role in enhancing a nursing home resident’s overall quality of life. Check out our short-term training for your new career.

Activity Directors in long term care facilities are becoming increasingly important members of every facility’s staff.



Overview of current information pertinent to skills, theory, psychology, and record-keeping for a nursing home activity director professional will help you keep your skills fresh.

  • David Rutkoski 

    Phone: 210-486-3411
    Campus: Palo Alto College (PAC)
    Building: Sabine Hall (SABINE) Room 115

  • Angela Garcia 

    Phone: 210-486-3325
    Campus: Palo Alto College (PAC)
    Building: Sabine Hall (SABINE) Room 101

  • Angelita Wolfe   

    Phone: 210-486-3412
    Campus: Palo Alto College (PAC)
    Building: Palomino Center (PC) 104