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If you want a career that lets you serve your community, welcome to the beginning of a rewarding journey. 

We offer training and continuing education in these in-demand occupations that require training and education. 

Texas Educator Preparation Program
 Child Development

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Teacher Professional Development

Teacher Professional Development

Helping children thrive is your greatest goal as a teacher. Whether you’re caring for youngsters in your own family or volunteering in your community, you want to contribute their wellbeing, education, and future success. Prepare to earn your Child Development Associate (CDA) permit by completing a CDA preparation course.

Child Development Associate Training

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  • Dr. Barbara Knotts 

    Phone: 210-486-0593
    Campus: San Antonio College 
    Building: Moody Learning Center (MLC) 632

  • Deborah J. Harrison  

    Phone: 210-486-0401 
    Office: San Antonio College (SAC)
    Building: Oppenheimer Center (OC) Room 322

  • Virgie Orta

    Phone: 210-486-0414
    Campus: San Antonio College (SAC)
    Building: Portables CE Annex (CEA)  Room 201B