Refunds (Text Version)

Get Your Refund, Your Way

During your college enrollment, you may at some time be eligible for a Financial Aid refund or other types of disbursement. To receive your refund, you can choose how you want to receive it through the RefundSelect program. 

Choose your refund method:

  1. Within 48 hours of registering for college, a welcome email from ECSI will be sent to your Alamo Colleges District ACES account, and your personal email account, if one is provided to Alamo Colleges District.

  2. Select the “Get Started Here” link on that email and enter your ECSI Key.

  3. You choose how you want to receive your money.

  4. If you have an address or telephone number change, it must be made through your Alamo Colleges District ACES account.

    ECSI will not accept changes by phone or email. Please allow 24 hours for the new information to update.

Choose an option that works better for you.

Use my existing Bank Account.

Funds are electronically deposited into an existing account.

How do I sign up?

You provide your existing bank routing number and account number. Please confirm that you entered your account information correctly to avoid any delays in receiving your refund.

When will I receive your refund?

Once the credit appears on your ACES account, your refund will be in your account and available on the following Thursday.

Request a check.

Funds are sent to your current address on file with Alamo Colleges District.  Please allow 5-7 business days to arrive at your home address. 

Visit ECSI's website for more information or phone toll-free at 1-844-760-6052.

Refund Schedule

Note for students receiving financial aid: Once funds credit to your account, the Alamo Colleges must request the funds from the Department of Education to pay a Pell Grant, FSEOG, or Direct Loan. This multi-day process can be impacted by weekends and holidays.

 If your Refund Award posts to your ACES on this date  Funds will be available on your account on this date*
05/26/19 Sunday 05/30/19 Thursday
06/02/19 Sunday 06/06/19 Thursday
06/09/19 Sunday 06/13/19 Thursday
06/16/19 Sunday 06/20/19 Thursday
06/23/19 Sunday 06/27/19 Thursday
06/30/19 Sunday 07/05/19 Friday ** 
07/07/19 Sunday 07/11/19 Thursday
07/14/19 Sunday 07/18/19 Thursday
07/21/19 Sunday 07/25/19 Thursday
07/28/19 Sunday 08/01/19 Thursday
08/04/19 Sunday 08/08/19 Thursday
08/11/19 Sunday 08/15/19 Thursday
08/18/19 Sunday 08/22/19 Thursday

* This is based direct deposit or bank card enrollment.   If opted other method please allow 5-7 business days to receive your refund through the US Postal Service.

** Delay Due to Holiday 

New Cash Management Rules

In an effort to protect students and ensure their best interest, the new Cash Management Rule from the Department of Education (ED) requires disclosure by institutions with Tier 1 or Tier 2 relationships of certain key information about the financial accounts offered to their students.

Tier One (T1) arrangements are those between an institution and a third-party servicer where the servicer "performs one or more of the functions associated with processing direct payments of Title IV funds on behalf of the institution" and offers one or more financial accounts under the arrangement, or markets an account to students itself or through another entity. Tier Two (T2) arrangements are defined as those between an institution and a bank under which accounts are offered and marketed directly to students.

All disclosures related to these new regulations and banking services contract will be made on this webpage.


Heartland Payment Services Contract (PDF)
Heartland Payment Services Contract Amendment (PDF)
Federal Cash Management Rules (PDF)