Checking Your Status

In order to monitor your Financial Aid status and requirements, you will need to log into your ACES student portal. ACES will help you check and obtain the following information related to financial aid:

  • Financial Aid Awards
  • Unsatisfied Financial Aid Requirements
  • Document Status
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Status
  • Account Summary
  • Student ID – you are required to have this at the time you visit or call the Student Financial Aid offices


Where exactly can I find my financial aid information in ACES?

Once logged in, all information can be found in the Financial Aid Checklist section of the 'My Page' tab.

What is my ACES e-mail?

Your ACES e-mail, which can also be accessed through ACES, will be the official mode of communication between you and the Alamo Colleges District. It is important for you to check your ACES e-mail on a regular basis; failure to do so could result in missed deadlines, unsatisfied requirements, or other important updates.

I turned in my documents but ACES still lists them as incomplete (red flags).

The status for your documents will remain unsatisfied (or a red flag) until each document is reviewed by the financial aid office and completed. Once you see all statuses updated to a check mark, this means your documents are processed and an eligibility determination can be made on whether you qualify for aid. 

How do I upload requested documents in ACES?

Students have the option to upload requested documents securely in ACES using an Adobe Sign upload form. A tutorial on how to do so is available HERE

What is Adobe Sign?

Adobe Sign is a process that allows students and parents to electronically fill out and sign required financial aid documents via their ACES student portal, and subsequently send them to the correct office for processing.