Federal Direct Loan Eligibility and Processing

Please read all Eligibility Requirements listed below before completing the online Direct Loan Request in your ACES portal.
Click HERE for a tutorial on how to complete the request.
Please Note: Processing time for Federal Direct Loans may take up to 6 weeks.

  • I must be pursuing an Associate's Degree, Certificate, or Transfer Program. (Continuing Education (CE), transient students, and ESL/ESLA are not eligible.)
  • Alamo Colleges has received my FAFSA and I have completed all requirements, including verification. I also understand my Direct Loan request will not be processed until all requirements, including verification, have been processed by the Student Financial Aid office. 
  • I understand that in order to receive a Direct Loan I must meet the Alamo Colleges’ Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.
  • Students who have earned a bachelor's degree do not qualify for aid, including Direct Loans, at any of the Alamo Colleges unless approved through the Financial Aid Appeal Process. Students in this category are considered to be on financial aid suspension for having attempted over 99 hours of college coursework. 
  • I understand I must be enrolled in no less than 6 (six) hours in order for my loan to credit. Failure to maintain 6 hours minimum enrollment during any part of the loan period causes cancellation of the Federal Direct Loan. Unclaimed funds and/or future disbursements of a processed loan cannot be released as of the date the student no longer meets the enrollment requirement. 
  • I understand that if I drop below 6 (six) hours or withdraw from all courses enrolled, I could be asked to immediately repay any or all loan funds. 
  • I understand loan funds are intended to cover educational costs and must be repaid. 
  • First-time borrowers are required to wait 30 days after the first day of class before the first half of the Direct Loan can be released. 
  • The full loan eligibility is awarded in your ACES account and is credited in two equal installments during the loan period. (Loan Period examples: Fall-Spring, Fall only, Spring only, or Summer only) 
  • Loan origination fees, which are paid directly to the government, are deducted from the loan before funds are disbursed. 
  • Any outstanding balance will be paid first and any refund will credit via direct deposit. 
  • I have completed the Loan Entrance and Electronic Master Promissory note at https://studentloans.gov/myDirectLoan/index.action
  • Submitting a loan application DOES NOT guarantee approval and WILL NOT prevent classes from being dropped. Additionally, loan applications received after the Priority Date are not guaranteed to be processed in time for funds to be received by the payment deadline. The applicant is responsible for having another method of paying tuition by the payment deadline. 
  • The Alamo Colleges do not discriminate on the basis of national origin, sex, age, or disability with respect to access, employment programs, or services. Inquiries or complaints should be brought to the attention of: Associate Vice-Chancellor of Employee Services, Title IX Coordinator. (210) 485-0200 - Employee Services Department, 2222 N. Alamo St., San Antonio, TX, 78215. The Alamo Colleges value an inclusive environment that reflects the diversity of our students, employees, and the community we serve.