Myth and Realities

Source: Students United for the DREAM Act, 2012

MYTH: It's the DREAM Act

REALITY: DACA is not the DREAM Act, or amnesty or immigration reform.  It is merely 1% of a comprehensive immigration platform that still needs much work.

MYTH: It provides a path to residency or citizenship

REALITY: It does not provide beneficiaries a pathway to residency or citizenship. It does NOT “fix” his papers. It merely provides a work permit and the relief of deportation.

MYTH: Obama invented it

REALITY: Obama did not invent DACA. It already existed but was only available for students already in deportation procedures. Now it is available to many students and not just those with deportation orders, so long as they meet the requirements.

MYTH: It can be used to later petition for family members

REALITY: DACA cannot be used to adjust or petition for family members’ immigration status. It can only provide a temporary work permit for those who qualify.

MYTH: It allows military enlistment

REALITY: DACA does not provide a path for beneficiaries to enlist in the military. Under current federal law, one still needs a VISA (I-551) to enlist.

MYTH: Applicants need a lawyer

REALITY: Applicants for DACA do not always need lawyers. All the forms and instructions are free and on the USCIS website. However, if a case is very difficult, it is recommended to hire an ethical attorney.

MYTH: It makes beneficiaries eligible to obtain Drivers' Licenses

REALITY: DACA beneficiaries will not be eligible to obtain Drivers’ Licenses. Texas, however, is the only state that has a law which does allow for this.

MYTH: It calls for more illegal immigration

REALITYDACA does not call for more illegal immigration because all applicants must prove in full detail that they lived in the country for 5 years prior to its passage.