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Program Details

The Alamo Colleges Private-Sector Work-Study Program (PWS) provides federal financial aid eligible students the opportunity to work part-time in a private-sector workplace related to your career interest. Private-sector employers are businesses that seek to generate profit and provide goods and services.

These private-sector work-study experiences bridge the gap between the classroom and real-world knowledge. You may work between 10 to 19 hours per week with earn-and-learn opportunities that provide meaningful skills training that align with your future career goals. The Private-Sector Work-Study positions will pay $12.50+, depending on the employer and the position.

For Spring 2021, the Private-Sector Work-Study Program is available to work-study eligible students majoring in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), Advanced Manufacturing & Logistics (including Industrial Trades), and selected majors from the Creative & Communication Arts, Business & Entrepreneurship, Health & Biosciences, and Public Service fields of study. For a complete list of specific majors, visit PWS majors.


You may be eligible for a position if you:

  • Are studying one of the specific PWS majors
  • Qualify for federal work-study
  • Submit a resume and cover letter (samples provided below; editing and coaching will be provided as needed)
  • Are willing to work either remotely, onsite, or hybrid in Spring 2021
  • Manage the communication between your supervising faculty member and the employer, if you are completing a program-required internship

PWS Resume Format                    PWS Cover Letter

Major not a fit? If your major does not qualify for Public Sector Work-Study Program, consider the Community Work-Study Program.


To apply:

If you know you are eligible for work-study:

  1. Go to, click on Work-Study, click on your home college, and complete the application.
  2. Create or reformat your resume in the required PWS Resume Format.
  3. Go to, click on Work-Study and Internship Opportunities, under Position Type select Private-Sector Work-Study and select 1-3 jobs which interest you.
  4. Write a PWS Cover Letter for each of the jobs you have selected.
  5. Send your job choices, resume, and cover letters to
  6. Have questions? Email Katherine at for help.

If you are not yet on federal financial aid, visit to complete the federal application.

If you are on federal financial and do not know if you are eligible for work-study, cut and paste the inquiry below and send it to

I am currently on federal financial aid.

Please inform me if I am also eligible for a work-study award.

Thank you.

Provide your full name and your Banner ID#


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