Federal Internships

The Federal Government Pathways internship program is designed to provide college students with paid opportunities to work in a federal agency and explore careers with the federal government. Students who successfully complete the program may be eligible for the conversion to a permanent job in the civil service.

Internship positions from science research, IT, accounting, editing, and administrative support are available with the federal government.

"Nearly 91 percent of employers prefer that
their candidates have work experience."

To apply for federal government internship positions, you should first attend a workshop that will help you prepare the required federal resume.

A resume that is not in the proper format will not be considered. Additionally, completing the online application requires your being familiar with the USAJOBS.gov website and knowing how to search for relevant internship postings. All positions available with the federal government are posted along with student internships.

Timing Tips

  • Federal agencies post internship positions from January through April
  • These positions are posted for approximately 10 days
  • Have your application, resume, draft cover letter, and academic documents ready prior to a desired position being posted
  • Hundreds of internships are posted on a given day

Federal internships are attractive to students since these positions are paid and could provide a pathway to permanent federal employment.

These internships are available across the nation. Expenses related to travel, room and board are not typically included in the student’s pay if a student must relocate to another area for an internship position.


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