AlamoPROMISE Pledge

 AlamoPROMISE Pledge




What does a successful college student look like?

You! That's right- the goal of AlamoPROMISE is to help YOU through college from enrollment to graduation so that you enter the workforce prepared to make a positive impact in your community, the lives of your family, and most importantly your future success!

Through AlamoPROMISE, the Alamo Colleges District is working to ensure access to education for Bexar County students by covering tuition costs for the first three years to eligible graduating seniors who participate in the program.

Our PROMISE to you...

1. To help you with the Enrollment and Financial Aid process with the support of your own Enrollment Coach.

2. To cover the gap between your aid (federal, state and scholarship) and your tuition and mandatory fees for up to 3 years while you earn your Associate’s Degree.

3. Where? At one the of the colleges in the Alamo Colleges District-Northeast Lakeview College, Northwest Vista College, Palo Alto College, St Philip’s College and San Antonio College.


Your PLEDGE to us...

Your PLEDGE indicates your interest in the AlamoPROMISE program and taking charge of your future. All you need to do is submit the following information online to be considered for eligibility as an AlamoPROMISE Scholar!

By submitting my pledge, I am showing interest in becoming an AlamoPROMISE Scholar (Note: This is not a commitment to attend one of the Alamo Colleges).

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 The Alamo Colleges District protects the privacy of all students. I give the Alamo Colleges District permission to share with partner agencies some of my student information as needed for AlamoPROMISE program administration to support my success as an AlamoPROMISE Scholar.