Photo Booth

Welcome to EduTech 2020 Self Service Photo Booth!



We are so glad that you are taking a fun photo to memorialize the EduTech 2020 Annual Virtual Conference.

To take a picture with your device, follow these simple instructions when you enter the “Virtual Photo Booth”:

  1. Select the “Virtual Photo Booth” link.
  2. At the Welcome screen, select “Start Booth”.
  3. Select “Allow” to share your device camera.
  4. Select a  “Frame” of choice for your Photo Booth.
  5. Choose “I Like It” if you are satisfied with the picture or select “Retake Photo” to repeat process.
  6. Choose “Done”.
  7. You will be provided option to email picture to yourself.
  8. You will be prompted to choose to “Add your Photo to your Online Gallery”.  Select Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down based on your choice.  If you choose Yes, you will be provided additional options to share photo.
  9. Share your photo on Twitter with #AlamoEduTech2020 and qualify for a random drawing to win Swag.

Click on QR or Link