Introducing the SAC Rescue Rangers

September 24, 2017


"The idea came to me in a dream," Patty Medina, Director of Student Success for Title V Grants, Title V Exitos Cooperative and Title V Puentes Grant, has said when discussing the newly formed group, SAC Rescue Rangers. 

The SAC Rescue Rangers, a brigade of enthusiastic student success professionals, have set out to put STUDENTS FIRST. 

Launching this semester, the SAC Rescue Rangers group aims to provide resources and assistance to fellow employees. The Rescue Rangers group has formulated a plan, currently in development, that serves as a detailed resource guide for faculty and staff to be able to assist students.   

In addition, the Rescue Rangers will be boots on the ground helping at various campus events, when possible. In one of their first undertakings, they volunteered for SAC's Weeks of Welcome (WOW) events. 

During the first two days of classes, they helped hundreds of students by handing out campus maps, providing general information, and simply welcoming students back for the fall semester. 

Led by Patty Medina, the Rescue Rangers are currently a team of about 20 volunteers from across the College. Interested faculty and staff members can contact Patty at  to learn more about how to join.