Baldrige Examiners To Visit the District

September 21, 2018

Kay Hendricks

Begins October 1Beginning October 1, a team of Baldrige examiners will be visiting the Alamo Colleges District offices and all of the colleges to evaluate the organization and determine its eligibility for the 2018 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

The Alamo Colleges District is one of only 12 organizations in the country to receive a site visit this year.

The visit comes after the district submitted its second application for the award in April 2018.

The site visit involves a 4-day schedule of visits to the district offices and all of the colleges by a team of volunteer examiners who are specially trained and certified.

The ultimate purpose of the site visit is to verify the examiner team’s understanding of the organization’s key strengths and to clarify its understanding of our key vulnerabilities.

The schedule for the visit is:

Monday, October 1 – Baldrige Examiners Opening Meeting

Tuesday, October 2 – Thursday, October 3 – Baldrige Examiners visits DSO and Colleges

In December, the district will receive a comprehensive feedback report from Baldrige, which will serve as an invaluable tool in improving its processes.

Learn more about the Baldrige visit and the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program