CIP College Building Design Committee

President, Vice Presidents, and Deans

Dr. Veronica Garcia
Dr. Alan Cottrell
Dr. Tangila Dove
Dr. Debbie Hamilton
Mr. William Fanning
Ms. Tracey Mendoza
Ms. Belinda Rivera

Division Chairs:

Dr. Mark Sadler
Kathy Mayer
Jason Malcolm
Dr. Robert Yowell
Neil McCrary
Dr. Frank Maldonado
Allen Miller
Jeff Hassmann
Tammy Perez

Faculty and Staff:

Tara Daugherty
Marsha Adrian
Gina Mealey
Tracey Floyd
Kathleen Labus
Vanessa Mayfield
Les Germer
Martin Fortner
Susan Cotellesse – Adjunct Faculty Council President
Faculty Senate Representative
Staff Council Representative