Cuihua Zhang

Zhang, Cuihua
Title: Professor, Computer Science
Department: Mathematics & Computer Science

About Cuihua Zhang

Having been working for Alamo Colleges since 2003, and Northeast Lakeview College since 2006, I am a Full Professor of Computer Science.  Computer Science is not my original passion, though.

I earned a Master’s degree in English Language and Literature from Northeast Normal University, Changchun, China and taught seniors American Literature and American Films there for five years before coming to the United States.  I came as a Visiting Scholar to the Southern Studies of Ole Miss and published two stories while there.  However, with the urge of my friends, I took a Summer CS course and fell in love with Computer Science.  Ever since Computer Science has become my career. 

I still love reading and writing; I still love the English language and the Chinese language.  Therefore, I am on the two extremes: on the one hand, I am logical and think critically and solve problems; on the other, I have imaginations and appreciate arts, literature, and creativity. 

I worked as a software engineer for three years but decided that teaching will award me the most joy and pleasure.  Interacting with students is one of the best ways to enjoy being.  Conveying the knowledge and skills I have and seeing students progress each day under my tutelage, and eventually make wonderful programs and become stronger and more self-confident is one of the best rewards and joy in life.