Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction (SI) offers extra study sessions in addition to classes for high-challenge courses and material. SIs can cover missing background material, review important concepts, and go over tests – whatever focus the instructor wants.

  • SIs are not a substitute for class.
  • SIs are aligned with particular courses, but open to all.
  • Find an area you want to review and join us!

Sessions are held in person and online. Click on the buttons below for dates, times, room numbers, and Zoom links:

Math & Accounting SI sessions 

EDUC & ENGL 1301 SI sessions 

For Faculty – For high-challenge courses such as Math 1314 and English 1301, SI is a proven method for reaching students who are sometimes reluctant to attend tutoring. SI leaders work with instructors to provide support in class as needed and through regularly scheduled review sessions. For more on SI, see the NLC Supplemental Instruction course in Canvas.