Hispanic Heritage Month Art Contest

Date: October 4, 2018

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Art Contest

As San Antonio celebrates its Tercentennial, all Northeast Lakeview College students are invited to participate in the Hispanic Heritage Month Art Contest presented by the History & Heritage Committee.

Art Theme: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage in San Antonio for 300 Years
$250 scholarship prize for winning Artwork!!!

Contest Instructions & Information

  • Create a work of art highlighting how Hispanic-American heritage has played an important role in shaping San Antonio during the years 1718-2018
  • Your art should demonstrate a deep understanding of the topic and the historical context.
  • A committee of Northeast Lakeview College faculty will anonymously evaluate the artworks on historical quality, craftsmanship and relation to theme.
  • Submission Deadline: On or before October 4th
    • Submit actual artworks to: Don Carrington (NLC Campus, ARTS 119)
    • Be sure to contact Don Carrington @ dcarrington2@alamo.edu to schedule a drop-off time.
    • Place "Hispanic Heritage Month Art Contest" in the subject line of your email to schedule a time to drop-off your artwork.
  • The winning artwork will be announced on October 10th at the Hispanic Heritage Month Event.

Essay Guidelines

  • Maximum size of 2-D artworks is 18" x 24." If your submitting a 3-D
  • Work, the artwork, must not exceed 24" in any direction.
  • Artwork must be original, and can't be a replica of another artwork in existence.
  • Artwork must be of sound craftsmanship, be dry, and have no odor of fixatives, oils, and or glues.
  • All artworks must have the artists full name, title of work, and the medium used written on the back, or underside of the artwork.

Contest Regulations

  • Each artwork must adhere to the guidelines.
  • Artworks may be denied if oil paints are applied to any surface. Acrylic paints are acceptable.
  • Each artwork must reflect the contestant's own research, skill set, and original thinking.
  • Only one (1) artwork may be submitted by each contestant.
  • Contestants must be current NLC students enrolled for the Fall 2018 semester