Core Completion


All degree requirements include a General Education Core Curriculum. Every public institution in Texas has a Core Curriculum, which is designed to provide a solid foundation for your college education and to make transfers between and among Texas institutions of higher education as smooth and seamless as possible.

Some institutions Core Curriculum range from 42-48 hours, depending on the institution and is divided into 8 or 9 academic categories. Northeast Lakeview College's 2012-2013 Core Curriculum is 42 credit hours.

View Northeast Lakeview College's Core Curriculum Selection List.

Core Completion Fast Facts

Completing your Core will provide you so much more!


Why complete your core prior to transferring?

Once you complete the Core Curriculum at one institution it will substitute for the Core Curriculum at any other public college or university in Texas unless that college has a larger Core curriculum. (Texas Core Curriculum Transfer Law)

See Advisor for variation in core requirements for Math and Science majors

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Why complete your degree prior to transferring?

The associate degree provides for a smoother transition to a four-year institution.
If you have completed your core classes, you are 15-18 hours (5-6) classes away from degree completion and so close to completing your associate degree.

Do NLC Credits Transfer?
  • NLC has agreements with public and private higher education institutions in Texas to accept credits.
  • NLC students who complete the Alamo Colleges District's Core Curriculum (approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board) are guaranteed their credits will transfer.
  • If you are planning to transfer to an out -of -state institution, consult with your advisor about a transfer agreement.

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