Graduation Commencement


Commencement – The congratulatory ceremony (walking across the stage) held at the end of each Spring semester in which the attainment of a degree or certificate is recognized by the College, family, friends, and community.

Close to Completion/Graduation?

Students who are within 2 classes (6-8 hour) of completing degree requirements are eligible to participate in the Commencement ceremony on May 15, 2019. All courses are expected to be completed by Summer 2019. However, students must meet with an advisor for a degree review and apply for Spring commencement.

Does It Cost to participate in Commencement?

There is absolutely no cost for commencement. The diploma, cap, and gown are provided by the Alamo Colleges District. 

Disability Accommodation Information for Commencement

or special needs and other accommodations, please contact the DSS Office  at STCM-222 or  (210) 486-5487 or email Faye Acocks Hallford, LCSW

What will an Associate Degree or Certificate do for me?

Why complete your degree with NLC?

  • Completing your degree with NLC shows you have achieved your educational goal.
  • You will serve as a role model for your family and others in your community to further their education.
  • You have the potential to earn at least $7,000 or more annually than a high school graduate and are less likely to be unemployed during your lifetime.
  • Degree completion empowers you to move to the next level.

You can enhance your job skills in high-demand areas.

Many programs at SAC/NLC are fields in high-demand such as Biology, Nursing, Business Administration, Computer Science, AA in Teaching, and Pre-Professional degrees. The credentials needed to enter these exciting, well-paying careers are obtainable at SAC/NLC.

The associate degree provides for a smoother transition for transfer.

An associate degree includes the core curriculum which must be accepted by all Texas public colleges and universities. It’s like getting a bonus degree on the path to the Bachelor’s degree!