Pop-up Webinars

What is a Pop-Up Webinar?

The Alamo Colleges are providing Pop-Up Webinars for faculty on a variety of remote teaching topics. Each webinar will be thirty minutes to one hour in length and are hosted through Zoom. A link will be provided to you when you enroll in the webinar on Alamo Talent. Sign up in AlamoTalent for one or more webinar topics below.

What topics will the Pop-Up Webinars cover?

  • Raise-the-bar: Advanced Quizzes in Canvas [Recording | Presentation]
    • Learn to use time limits, test banks, cheat-free questions (open-ended, problems with fill in the blank,(# of words to help), 1 question at a time), and quiz audit.
  • Turn It Up with Turnitin [Recording | Presentation]
    • Manage potential academic misconduct in your remote classroom with Turn-it In.
  • To Zoom or Not to Zoom: Using Zoom for Assessments [Recording | Presentation]
    • Discover how to use Zoom for assessments (polls, printing reports, chat, breakout room, saving docs).
  • Testing 1, 2, 3, 4: Assessment Alternatives in Canvas [Recording | Presentation]
    • Explore alternatives assessments you can facilitate in Canvas: open-book tests, service-learning alternatives, student-driven, and creative projects.
  • Looking Good! Visual Assessments [Recording | Presentation]
    • Utilizing PowerPoint, Prezi, posters, and infographics in assessments.
  • Eureka! Teaching Labs Remotely [Recording | Presentation] coming soon
    • Utilizing simulation for labs in a remote environment.
  • The Answer’s in the Rubric [Recording | Presentation]
    • Use rubrics to communicate expectations to students and increase time efficiency and consistency in the grading process.
  • Papers Trump Tests [Recording | Presentation]
    • Use research papers or essays rather than exams for remote assessments. Learn best practices and how to utilize the Turnitin! Feature in Canvas.
  • Zoom Bombing Prevention [Recording | Presentation]
    • In this webinar, you will learn what Zoom Bombing is and how to apply prevention strategies and mitigation techniques to keep Zoom Bombers from disrupting your classroom.
  • Collaborative Learning in Zoom [Recording | Presentation]
    • In this webinar, you will learn how to set up your Zoom classroom to allow “break-out rooms.” You will learn how to utilize the functions of the breakout rooms and strategies for how to use them to promote collaborative learning.
  • Canvas Assignments [Recording | Presentation]
    • In this webinar, you will learn how to utilize features in Canvas Assignments, such as Turnitin, peer review, submission types, and SpeedGrader.
  • Canvas Quizzes [Recording | Presentation]
    • In this webinar, you will learn how to get the most out of the Quiz tool in Canvas. You will learn to create different types of questions, utilize different restriction options, and recognize upload options for previously created quiz files.
  • Advanced Screen-Sharing in Zoom [Recording | Presentation]
    • In this webinar, you will learn how to share your screen and utilize advanced screen-sharing features in Zoom.
  • Groups in Canvas [Recording | Presentation]
    • In this webinar, you will learn about the Groups tool in Canvas and how using Groups can encourage student collaboration. You will learn how to create groups and group sets and then how to create group assignments and discussions.