Student Life Virtual Programming


Event Name Format/ Modality  Details Date
Nighthawks Day   Nighthawks Day is the premier pride and traditions event to welcome students back and to Northeast Lakeview College. This event is designed to encourage students to join student organizations, connect with campus departments, receive resources, and celebrate the beginning of the semester. There will be free giveaways, music, fun and so much more. We look forward to seeing you logged in and there! (Spirit Day giveaway, DJ,  Nico, & Fiesta medal) Jan 28th
Financial Literacy  Virtual Webinar    Feb.  16th, 5:30 - 6:30 pm
PTK Induction  Virtual    April 
NSLS Induction Virtual    April 
Student Organization Recognition Virtual    May
Food Trucks On Campus Mr. Maximus Food Truck / Kona Ice    Hangout time in March and May
Black History  Virtual Black Greek Poets 24-Feb
Women's History  Virtual Black Greek Poets 23-Mar
Walk on the River Virtual Panel and Screening (Zoom) As the first civil settlement in the state of Texas, there are a ton of historical sites and legendary tales that have helped to shape the culture of our community. In the original documentary film Walk on the River: A Black History of the Alamo City we shared the African American experience from the time of Emancipation (roughly 1865) to Integration and the end of Jim Crow segregation (roughly 1965). Feb 18th
Walk on the Rive 2.0 Virtual Panel and Screening (Zoom) In this second installment, Walk on the River 2.0 we speak about the presence and influence people of African descent have had in this area before and during enslavement, including, The African Presence in the Americas before Columbus, the Moors in Spain, Blacks at the Battle of the Alamo, slavery in San Antonio, emancipation Celebrations in Texas (Juneteenth), African Symbols in the city… and more March 30th
Opportunity and Organization Rush   Feb 10th and 11th  
International Week


Crouching with Kim

Lanakilas - Polynesian Show

Market Pop Up  Curbside Feb 4th, Event Time 3-5PM, volunteers time 1-5PM
Market Pop Up  Curbside

May 6th, Event Time 3-5 PM, volunteers time 1-5 PM
SGA Townhall Virtual    March 18th
Women's Leaders End of Year Re-cap Virtual    
Cookies for Involvement  Reoccurring Want to win a half-dozen cookies? Attend a virtual Student Life event and receive a student engagement point. The more events you attend each month the more points you'll receive. Three (3)winners with the most points will be announced each month. So get involved. Get Engaged. Mix it up virtually!   
Alcohol Awareness  Social Media    March 17th 
Health Fair     March 17th
Officer Roundtable Virtual Meeting (Zoom) This is a mandatory monthly meeting for all clubs and organizations so please make sure all your officers attend. Please make sure to invite your new officers to this meeting as well Feb 5th & March 5th
Mardi Gras Virtual   Feb 16th